Meal Delivery Services Offer Niche Ingredients And Food For Bikini Fitness Competitors, Vegans And More [Video]

Years ago, when TV dinners hit the scene, plenty of June Cleaver-type mothers and wives were set free from the daily grind of cooking. In 2015, meal delivery services are becoming extremely popular, offering all sorts of niche finds tailored to a specific person’s needs.

On Instagram, sites like Fuel Food boast 10,500 followers, along with an array of pre-selected, pre-arranged, delectable looking foods that help those interested in general health or bodybuilding and bikini or figure fitness competitions stick to their diets.

These meal plans don’t generally come cheap — but are well worth it for those who don’t have the time, interest or knowledge to cook up such meals, yet still want to reap the benefits of weight loss and great health they can help provide. Fans say that the cost of eating right ends up being cheaper in the long run than problems associated with obsesity.

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Other meal delivery plans for bodybuilders show less expensive options for pre-packaged meals that still contain the types of quality proteins that gym-rats tend to seek out for the all-important show prep “cutting weight” periods.

It’s not just bodybuilders, figure and bikini competitors who have options for meal delivery. As reported by Today, Plated Or Blue Apron send users the ingredients to make the meals on their own. Users love the fact that they are portioned to provide only what’s needed.

Marley Spoon is from Europe and offers food for the more gourmet and creative cook. Marley Spoon offers meals from $8.90 per meal, and they don’t have to be cooked immediately.

Vegans can use The Purple Carrot, which offers food from $7.38 per meal, like sweet potato tacos and the like.

Plate Joy offers a $14 per month service for folks who might want ideas, in terms of recipe ideas and more — not the actual meal.

People seem to love the fact that these meal delivery options offer folks portioned meals and some are smart enough to know if the next day’s recipe calls for broccoli, they’ll include enough fresh broccoli therein. Also, the fact that too much isn’t wasted — for example, only enough sauce is given for that particular meal — means not much overeating or wasted income.

Freshology offers a full meal delivery service from $42.95 per day — fully prepared for those who might just want breakfast, lunch and dinner and have the whole shebang delivered to them that they can just throw in and heat up without thinking.

[Image via Fuel Foods]