Bill Cosby: Three New Accusers Come Forward, Provide Graphic And Disturbing Details Of Alleged Assaults [Video]

Bill Cosby’s list of accusers continues to grow as three new accusers came forward Wednesday to accuse the comedian of sexual assault.

During a press conference on Wednesday, civil rights attorney Gloria Allred introduced three more Cosby accusers. Former American Airlines flight attendant Colleen Hughes, 1970s movie actress Linda Ridgeway and a former Cosby Show actress, Eden Tirl, all say they were victims of Bill Cosby decades ago.

Reuters reports Hughes and Ridgeway both allege Bill Cosby sexually assaulted them in the 1970s, while Tirl alleges The Cosby Show dad sexually harassed her on the set of the show in 1989.

Colleen Hughes (L) Linda Ridgeway Whitedeer (C), two new alleged sexual assault victims of comedian Bill Cosby, and Eden Tirl (R), who is accusing Cosby of sexual harassment, hold up their photographs during the time of the alleged sexual assault at a news conference with Attorney Gloria August 12, 2015, in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Linda Ridgeway, who was an aspiring actress when she first met Cosby for an interview on a movie set, says she met the comedian through her ex-husband, who was an exec at Cosby’s agency, the William Morris Agency. In 1971, Ridgeway alleges, immediately upon meeting the famed comedian and going into a room alone with him, he forced her to perform oral sex on him by grabbing the hair on the back of her head. According to Ridgeway, what Cosby said afterward was just as shocking as the alleged attack.

“He was mumbling that I had been blessed with his semen as if it were holy water,” she said. “He gloated over my humiliation. He had planned it. I was in shock.”

Eden Tirl alleges during the fifth season of The Cosby Show, Cosby repeatedly sexually harassed her by grabbing her and hugging her “in an intimate and yet intimidating way.” Tirl says she failed to report the alleged harassment because she feared Bill Cosby would use his power to ruin her acting career.

Former flight attendant Colleen Hughes says she met the comedian on a flight during the early ’70s and agreed to have lunch him. While Hughes freshened up in a hotel room, she claims, Cosby ordered Champagne and began drinking it out of her shoe.

“I said, ‘Ewww, don’t do that, that’s gross, I just walked 3,000 miles in those shoes.’ He raised the shoe toward me offering the drink in my shoe to me and said, ‘A princess should always drink champagne out of a glass slipper.'”

While she passed on drinking out of her shoe, she did accept a glass of Champagne from the comedian. This, the new accuser claims, was the last thing she remembered. Hughes says she woke up covered in semen and Bill Cosby was gone.

The total list of women accusing the comedian of drugging and rape now stands at 49, according to USA Today. Attorney Gloria Allred, who represents 21 Cosby accusers, promises she will grill the comedian during his Oct. 9 deposition in the Judy Huth lawsuit and says she will seek to make the deposition public.

**Warning: Video contains graphic content that may be upsetting to some viewers.

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