Morrissey Accuses Prince Harry Of Being A ‘Passionate Animal Killer’

Prince Harry may be currently busy hanging out with orphaned rhinos in South Africa, but that doesn’t impress stroppy pop tart Morrissey, who has branded the “party prince” a “passionate animal killer.”

As insults go, it’s worth its weight in acid, especially in light of the fact that Prince Harry is currently in Africa for a three-month-long “dream job” which involves the young royal getting his regal hands dirty and volunteering for conservation projects.

Yet Prince Harry’s wildlife crusade in the African bush doesn’t cut any mustard with animal rights warrior Morrissey, who suggests that the “gentle Harry who poses with rhinos in South Africa” isn’t all he appears. In short, Morrissey suggests that the young Princeling “kills endangered species for fun.”

When it comes to savaging British royalty, Morrissey attacks with all the ferocity of a wild boar. The disgruntled songbird has previous and impeccable form in the ancient art of character assassination.

In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, it was revealed how Morrissey barked that Prince Harry was a “vain and ignoble symbol of stupidity,” and, wait for it, “A fully-grown man eternally floundering in absolute stupidity.”


Morrissey’s outburst was triggered by newspaper reports from New Zealand in May of this year, showing the prince as predator, as he sat laughing on a boat atop of a heavily roped, restrained, and helpless crocodile, beneath the immortal headline, “Harry The Hero.”

Such an image didn’t sit well with the portrayal as Harry the conservationist, but in Morrissey’s defence, Prince Harry does have something of a track record of “kill thrills” when it comes to unsuspecting wildlife.

In 2004, the young royal was pictured crouching triumphantly over the corpse of a one-ton water buffalo mere moments after he had gunned the poor beast down.

In 2007, Prince Harry and a friend were interviewed by police after two rare and legally protected birds of prey were killed on the royal family’s Sandringham estate in Norfolk. The birds in question were hen harriers, and estimates suggest that there are as little as 20 breeding pairs in England.

And then, in 2014, not long after he pledged to do all he could to save Africa’s endangered wildlife, Harry was condemned for shooting boar in Spain.

Is it any wonder Morrissey chose to write on his True To You site the following.

“The Buckingham Palace dictators (especially William and Harry) are passionate animal-killers in the Walter Palmer tradition. Harry has been suspected by the police of killing endangered species for fun, but magically no charges were brought against him.”

One wonders if Prince Harry was an American dentist, things might have gone just a little different for him.

[Photos By Chris Jackson / Ilya S. Savenok / Getty Images]