NFL News: Dallas Cowboys Legend Emmitt Smith Doesn’t Miss Playing Football

Dallas Cowboys’ legend Emmitt Smith retired in 2004 with the Arizona Cardinals after capturing the NFL’s all-time leading rushing crown. As an 8-time Pro Bowl running back, 3-time Super Bowl champion, and NFL Hall of Fame player, he had one of the most-decorated careers in history.

Smith carried the ball for 18,355 yards and 164 touchdowns. Both of those are NFL records. However, at the end of an athlete’s career, it’s common to sit back and reflect. A good portion of players in all sports consider coming back after retirement.

Emmitt Smith hasn’t come back after retiring in 2004. His stance on making a comeback may have swung back-and-forth, but the decision was never official. According to Pro Football Talk, Emmitt Smith doesn’t miss playing football at the moment. Smith went on to say that after 15 years in the league, it was enough for him.

If the Cowboys’ legend wanted to return, he could. That’s due to his good health and proper eating habits. By simply doing the right things, Smith is able to keep his kids just as healthy as he was.

Emmitt Smith spoke to the Inquisitr about eating healthy and why those habits he has an adult will go a long way for his children down the road.

“Well, it is very tough to try and find the quality foods you’re looking for. One thing that I believe is breakfast being the best meal of the day. I grew up eating grits and eggs before I went to school. Now, being an older gentlemen, I try to eat a little bit lighter,” said Smith.

“When it comes down to children, I think Quaker has done a great job with its products. My wife and kids love oatmeal. That allows them to get the balance they absolutely need. I think the key is changing it up every now and then.”

In 15 NFL seasons, Smith only missed 14 games. Sure, he had a great offensive line with the Dallas Cowboys, but eating proper let him stay consistent and remain on the field nearly 100 percent of the time. Psychologically, parents are the role model to children. Smith, to his kids, was that exact phenomena.

Therefore, if he consistently ate junk food and soda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then his kids would follow suit. To follow up that point, he wouldn’t have led the NFL in rushing four times, or even played enough games to do so. The NFL’s all-time leading rusher doesn’t do that. In fact, he promotes exercising every day and eating right.

“At the end of the day, it all starts at home. If we can do a better job of helping our kids understand the healthier choices and the things that help fuel our bodies and let them mature better, then maybe they might take pride in it,” said Smith.

“It tells me that if we train them young, they can learn it early and ask questions as they go along and they know what those choices really are.”

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