Left-Handed People Celebrate #LeftHandersDay On Twitter

The uniqueness that comes with being left-handed is being celebrated on Twitter on Thursday under the #LeftHandersDay hashtag. Twitter reports that tweets under the hashtag #lefthandersday and those surrounding the Left Handers Day Official Site at the center of the #lefthandersday hashtag have hit more than 24,800 tweets about the trend.

That site has declared August 13 the official left-handers day, and it shares awkward little quirky facts that those whose left hands are dominant might understand. Those tactics include things like putting belts on upside-down, or hanging clothes “incorrectly” in the closet in a different direction than right-handed folks might hang things.


It’s those same quirks and unique ways of looking at the world that have pegged southpaws as possessing special qualities, giving them a different way of looking at the world. Oftentimes, left-handed people have had to figure out ways to adapt in a right-handed world, which some experts claim makes them better problem solvers.

President Obama is one famous left-handed person who reportedly writes his speeches out longhand with his actual left hand prior to giving the speeches.

Mostly, left-handed folks are celebrating the joys and sometimes struggles that come along with using their left hand primarily for everything from writing, to cutting objects with left- or right-handed scissors, to bumping elbows with the right-handed person sitting next to them at the dinner table.

Interestingly, the #LeftHandersDay hashtag has also brought calls for gadgets that are more designed for left-handed folks. It’s an idea that could make a left-handed thinking inventor pretty rich.

As reported by the Inquisitr, the Today’s Next Big Thing contest has put the call out to all sorts of entrepreneurs to submit their ideas, which could end up being sold on QVC. Perhaps a creative left-handed inventor just might find their products being sold on the popular TV network in a short period of time.

[Image via Twitter]