Ruby Rose: OITNB Cast, Fans, And Fiance All Love Ruby

Ruby Rose fits right in with the "close knit gang" at Orange Is the New Black according to cast members, and Ruby's fiance and her fans couldn't agree more. Rose has already "made quite the impression" co-starring in her role as the "seductive" Stella Carlin in Season 3 of the prison series.

Taylor Schilling plays Piper, Rose's love interest on the show, and told People magazine that the cast has "such an amazing chemistry... at this point, and it's always great to have new people in the mix, to shake up the dynamic a little bit." Taylor also expressed what a lot of fans think about Ruby.
"She's interesting, people like her so much because she's so lovable and adorable and sweet. Plus, she has a cool accent!"
Selenis Levya (Gloria Mendoza) said that she is determined to get some screen time with the "sexy and beautiful" Ruby Rose. "I haven't had a chance to do any scenes with her," she said. "She doesn't know how gorgeous she is, which makes her even more ridiculous."Fans of Orange Is the New Black can't get enough of Ruby either. "This melts my heart," tweeted one about a video of Ruby and her fiance dancing together.Ruby has a "dangerous vibe and gorgeous looks" that casting director Jennifer Euston describes as "attractive to everybody, boys and girls." It doesn't hurt that the Rose has a "wickedly delightful" accent too.
"As soon as I saw her on the screen I was like, 'Got it!' I also thought it was fun that she was from Australia, because there was a worldly twist."
Rose's "charisma and charm" haven't only worked their Aussie magic on OITNB cast and fans. Ruby's fiance, Phoebe Dahl, is "head-over-heels" with Ruby and says that now she believes in love at first sight.
"Do I believe in love at first sight? I didn't before Ruby, but now I do. I have to! It happened to me - I met Ruby at a barbecue I threw a year and a half ago and we got engaged within about three months. It was all very instant."
Ruby and her fiance are willing to wait for their wedding, recognizing that Ruby's new role in Orange Is the New Black will be a big commitment, and that the show will "change her life and career."

[Image via Micheal Buckner/Getty/People]