Fetty Wap Didn’t Get Taylor Swift’s Phone Number After They Performed Together: Here’s Why

Fetty Wap shows his love for numerals at the very beginning of his hit song “Trap Queen,” and he recently admitted that he also has a lot of love for Taylor Swift. However, the rapper didn’t get the “Bad Blood” singer’s digits when he had the chance, so now he’ll never know if her cell contains the numbers 1738.

Fetty Wap and Taylor Swift come from totally different musical backgrounds, but the singers have something in common — they both like to sing sweet love stories. Taylor simply chooses to chirp about princes and princesses while Fetty raps about drug-dealing stripper queens. Taylor also indicated that she shares Fetty’s affinity for numbers by naming her latest album 1989.

However, it wasn’t the singers’ mutual love of love and numerals that they recently bonded over — it was Taylor’s down-to-earth attitude. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Fetty Wap and the leader of Hollywood’s biggest celebrity girl squad teamed up to perform “Trap Queen” during Taylor’s tour stop in Seattle. On Wednesday, Fetty talked to Big Boy TV about his first impression of the pop princess.

“The whole time, she wasn’t even talking about no music. We were just talking about regular life. She was just giving me information on day-to-day things.”

According to MTV News, Fetty said that Taylor also gave him some great business advice, and he revealed that the singer is now at the top of list of dream collaborators. However, he didn’t feel comfortable asking Taylor for her phone number after he found out that she’s dating Calvin Harris.

“She said she had a boyfriend. I don’t like taking girls’ numbers who got a boyfriend.”

Taylor missed out on a golden opportunity when she failed to give Fetty her phone number — most “Trap Queen” fans would love for the rapper to ring them up just to say, “Hey, what’s up? Hello.”

Maybe Fetty Wap should try sending Taylor Swift a Twitter DM instead — she’s been raving about the New Jersey rapper on the social networking site. She even called their duet the happiest moment of her life.

FETTY WAP. TRAP QUEEN. SEATTLE. 60,000 PPL. OH MY GOD. @fettywap thank you so much for coming!! Unreal!! pic.twitter.com/3fFuhZh7Pg

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) August 9, 2015

No big deal just the happiest moment of my life to date @fettywap https://t.co/NxNsQ2XWmY

— Taylor Swift (@taylorswift13) August 9, 2015

If Fetty Wap wants to strike up a conversation with Taylor Swift in the future, he could always try talking to her about the joys of having children. A source recently told Hollywood Life that Taylor wants to have “a bunch of kids” with Calvin Harris, and Fetty can tell her sweet stories about all the magical moments that she has to look forward to when she becomes a parent. During a recent interview with Real 92.3‘s Big Boy, Fetty revealed that his young son has become his biggest fan.

“When I made the song ‘Trap Queen,’ he was the first one to really sing the song. He would start crying and when you would play the song again he’d [stop].”

Fetty might not have a collaboration with Taylor in the works just yet, but he’s working on a secret project with another mega star. According to BET, the “My Way” singer revealed that he and Drake have “something coming up.”

“I don’t want to spill the beans, but we got something big planned out,” Fetty said.

Would you like to hear a collaboration between Fetty Wap and Taylor Swift, or are you relieved that he’s currently working with Drake instead?

[Image credits: Taylor Swift, Fetty Wap/Instagram]