Trump Polls Advantage Supported by Women And Hispanics While Pundits Eat Crow

The Trump polls harvest has continued to be bountiful with Donald Trump registering a 19.8 percent Real Clear Politics average, ahead of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s 14.8 percent in the Iowa count on Tuesday, August 11, 2015. This confirmation of Trump’s top spot among the GOP hopefuls comes in the wake of political pundits predicting his doom due to verbal gaffes on women and Hispanics.

Prominent political analysts have been quick to pillory him as an outsider acting like a loose cannon oblivious to the rules of engagement observed by his more restrained rivals. Speaking out his mind with no regard for political correctness, reveal him to be a non-politician who will be the author of his own demise, the pundits warn.

Especially vocal in his attacks on Trump is The Washington Post‘s Chris Cillizza who has referred to Trump as “irrelevant.” Cillizza contends that Republicans know Trump and don’t like him because his goal is attention, not winning.

Another analyst who has engaged Trump in a war of words is The Washington Post‘s Charles Krauthammer who has labeled the billionaire real estate mogul a “rodeo clown.” Krauthammer lamented in one of his articles that putting people like Trump on the GOP stage, who are not serious candidates, diminishes the stature of the others who are.

Bill Kristol of The Weekly Standard, sent Trump a tweet prior to the Iowa results.

“We are past PEAK TRUMP! Sell-by date approaching. Plan exit strategy before Iowa!”

Other pundits who have panned Trump are New York Times‘ Nate Cohn, Kevin Drum at Mother Jones, and RedState blogger Erick Ericson.

In Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, one-third of the women interviewed by Reuters on the street recently, admitted being Trump supporters and indicated they would continue to back him.

Former teacher and conservative Christian Kelly Ray, 34, said that Trump’s appeal lies in the fact that he is an outsider and not an elected official. Interviewed outside a Kohls department store in Trexlertown, Lehigh, she made the following statement.

“I like how disgusted he is in how things are right now. I’m not fed up with Donald Trump. I’m fed up with Barack Obama.”

In a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling among 1,087 registered voters between July 20 and 21, Trump enjoyed a 34 percent favorability rating among Hispanic Republicans, Jeb Bush got 31 percent, Ted Cruz 30 percent, and Marco Rubio 29 percent.

According to U.S.A. Today, Donald Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border in Laredo, Texas last July to consult with Mexican-American officials concerned with illegals slipping across the border. He released the following statement on how he plans to help legal residents of the country.

“I’ll bring the jobs back. And, you know, the Hispanics are going to get those jobs. And they’re going to love Trump. They already do.”

How this statement resonates with Hispanics, Trump finds out from the polls.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]