Woman Wears Fitbit Heart Monitor During 8-Minute Sex Session, Posts Results On Imgur, Gets 1.8M Views [Photo]

A woman wore her Fitbit heart rate monitor during 8 minutes of sex and the results are going viral. As reported by CBS, the woman detailed her sexual experience — not using an NSFW image — but by using the Fitbit results and graphics dictated by the Fitbit wearer.

The image, which has gained nearly 2 million views on Imgur thus far, is racking up the comments and additional views.

“Wore my Fitbit heart rate monitor during sex. Beautiful.”

The verbal narration coupled with the peaks and valleys on the Fitbit graphic along the 8-minute fat burn line are what really brings it home for views. At the beginning the words “condom on” let viewers know that the beginnings of sex are happening. There’s a flat line of a plateau before a few peaks of mountains occur, about which the writer tells readers, “I’m on top.”

Next, when the mountainous lines of activity show a drop in activity nearly to the level of less activity, the woman explains that her knees have given out and that the man has now assumed the top position of the missionary position. When her heart-rate hits 123 beats per minute, the woman explains that she’s reached her “peak” — to explain why the surge in heartbeats happened. Next, her partner peaks — and the writer eloquently and humorously explains that she “aftershocks,” as if an earthquake has happened. Next, the line drops all the way down, and the writer explains that it was time for a break.

Overall, the 8-minute, 59-second event gained the woman an average 109 beats-per-minute session of heart-rate activity.

The “Novelty Sin” Reddit user who posted the image is responding to all sorts of hilarious comments on the website and explaining more details about her experiment.

“Man, now I gotta defend my orgasm to a bunch of strange dudes. Wait, no I don’t.”

On Imgur, folks are also weighing in on the length of the session. However, the writer explains that there was 20 minutes of foreplay that occurred when she didn’t wear her Fitbit. Either way, folks are writing that they want to now wear their own Fitbit heart-rate monitors during sex to see their own results.

“8:59, is this guy an Olympian?”

As reported by the Inquisitr, another Imgur image that went viral was a 1-800-Flowers ad that listed the words “Ashley Madison” next to a large field of flowers, insinuating that leaked Ashley Madison users would need to buy that many flowers for forgiveness.

[Image via Fitbit/Imgur/Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]