Former Miss Pennsylvania Arrested For Allegedly Faking Cancer

A former Miss Pennsylvania beauty queen, Brandy Weaver-Gates, was arrested for theft by deception. What was the deception, you ask? Well, according to WJAC, the 23-year-old former beauty queen faked having cancer, and even raised money for her so-called medical bills and subsequent treatments, which are allegedly all false.

According to the reports, the former beauty queen had told everyone that she had been diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. The state police investigator on the case said that this was nothing more than a ruse, and called the whole thing “an elaborate scheme.”

Butler’s Beauties, the Miss Pennsylvania U.S. International organization, relayed a statement via E! once this story made headlines.

“Butler’s Beauties is deeply saddened of this news of Miss Brandi Weaver-Gates. With being personally touched by cancer in our family, we donated and supported her as well as. Miss Weaver-Gates actions are not tolerated and unacceptable not just as a public figure but as a person…” the statement read. “We take seriously representing the state,and the legacy of Miss U.S. International. We forgive her, wish her well in the future even though is no longer a representative of the Miss PENNSYLVANIA U.S. International organization.”

So how was her family pulled in on this alleged deception? Well, according to the report, Weaver-Greaves made several family members drive her to John Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. None of the family members that drove her ever went in to “treatment” with her. In fact, she told them to just wait in the lobby while she received treatment in another part of the hospital. According to the documents, Brandy would then wait for hours and then reappear as if she had just undergone treatment.

She took it one step further by allegedly shaving her head so it would appear as though the treatment was taking a toll on her body. According to the police, this alleged deception earned the beauty queen a grand total of $14,000, which she reportedly pocketed.

Weaver-Gates was caught when the police were sent an anonymous letter letting them know that Brandy was faking a cancer diagnosis for her own personal gain. The letter said that she couldn’t name any of her doctors that cared for her.

According to authorities, when Brandy was initially confronted by the police she did not want to speak about it. “The accused advised that she did not want to incriminate herself and invoked her right to an attorney.”

[Photo by Brandi Weaver-Gates / Facebook]