Scott Walker Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Deceiver-In-Chief’

After exchanging competing views on education policy, Wisconsin Governor and GOP candidate for president Scott Walker zinged Hillary Clinton as the “deceiver-in-chief,” CBS Minnesota news reported today. Writing an article today for RedState, Walker said Hillary wold be the “deceiver-in-chief” as president.

“Now Hillary Clinton is assailing our record on college affordability. In doing so, she’s offering the same bait and switch as President Obama, making promises to students while peddling policies that will only result in higher tuition costs and tax increases. As governor, I froze college tuition at Wisconsin colleges four years in a row. America needs real reforms in higher education, including putting in place incentives to keep costs low, confronting the accreditation cartels that limit options, and improving federal government data so students and families have the information they need to make the best decisions possible. We need to make sure our students are getting the skills they need to fill open jobs in our economy,” Walker wrote on RedState.

Clinton had been attacking Walker’s education record before calling her “deceiver-in-chief,” ThinkProgress reported.

While campaigning in New Hampshire, Hillary said, “And you take somebody like Governor Walker of Wisconsin, who seems to be delighting in slashing the investment in higher education in his state; in making it more difficult for students to get scholarships or to pay off their debt; eliminating the opportunities for young people who are doctors or dentists to actually work in under-served areas in return for having their debt relieved; ending scholarships for poor kids; and most surprisingly to me, rejecting legislation that would have made it tax-deductible for you on your income tax to deduct the amount of your loan payment.”

Walker responded to Hillary Clinton on RedState, and further commented on Clinton’s attack on his education policy, “Hillary Clinton is desperate. Her tired ideas from the past have not worked, and she is doing everything she can to distract from the truth, including attacking me.”

Recent polls are showing that a growing percentage of Americans do not trust former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Yahoo News reports the Democratic front-runner for 2016 is viewed favorably by 39 percent of Americans, while being viewed unfavorably by 49 percents, from the latest Associated Press-GfK poll. In the same poll in April, Clinton had a 46 percent positive rating and a 41 percent negative rating.

When asked in the AP-GfK poll if voters believed certain words describe Clinton well, those measures of the impression of voters of Hillary have fallen since April. While 47 percent of voters viewed Clinton as “decisive,” that was down nine percent from April. Three percent fewer voters viewed her as “likeable,” for which 41 percent viewed Hillary. Only 37 percent find Clinton “inspiring,” which is down seven percent from April. Those viewing her as “honest” were 31 percent, down six percent from April. The poll also asked voters if they view Hillary as “competent,” which 48 percent did, and “compassionate,” which 40 percent did. Those two terms were not included in the April survey.

Will Hillary’s campaign be held back by perceptions by voters that she can not be trusted? Will voters see her as the “deceiver-in-chief” if she were to become president? Only time will answer those questions.

[Photo of Hillary Clinton by Justin Sullivan for Getty Images.]