Sharon Osbourne Remains Silent As Daughter Kelly Gets Eaten Alive By Lynch Mob

Sharon Osbourne is one of the most disliked celebrities in the world as she always criticizes others for petty things. But no matter how disliked she is, Sharon has always defended her daughter Kelly, even after the Osbourne daughter disparaged other celebrities, such as Lady Gaga, for her looks and style.

Since last week, Kelly Osbourne has been skewered by Latinos, feminists, social justice warriors, watchers, and just about every other group. It all started when Kelly Osbourne tried to come at Donald Trump and wondered (out loud) who would clean our toilets if all Latinos were deported. Soon, Kelly Osbourne found herself part of the Twitter lynch mob, who also skewered her mother Sharon. Some of the comments have been absolutely horrific and worse than anything Kelly could have said.

It’s a shame that such vicious trolling (and threatening) comments are allowed on Twitter, but one has to wonder why Sharon Osbourne hasn’t become involved. Perhaps Sharon Osbourne said it herself when she wrote a letter for Time on Mother’s Day, titled “I Cannot Protect You From The World.”

“I will always stand by you and be there for you. You’ll never fall because I’m there to catch you. But I’ve also learned, especially over the past five years, that I can’t fix everything. I cannot protect you from the world. And now I know I don’t have to.”

In the letter, Sharon notes that both Jack and Kelly have beaten drug addiction and have become levelheaded people who care about what goes on in the world. Earlier in the year, Sharon Osbourne supported Kelly Osbourne for quitting Fashion Police over alleged racist comments made by Giuliana Rancic about Disney star Zendaya’s Oscars hairstyle. However, according to People, Sharon just thought it was time for her daughter to move on.

“I stand by her. You know, she had an amazing five years on the show and she learned so much from Joan [Rivers]. It was just her time. She’s got to grow up, got to move into the big world.”

Perhaps Kelly Osbourne shouldn’t have quit Fashion Police so fast; it will be very hard for her to get any type of job after her comments, whether she had any bad intentions or not. A petition at aimed at getting Kelly (as well as her mother) deported from the United States has garnered 95 signatures. Let’s hope Kelly Osbourne can come back from all this backlash so her mother Sharon doesn’t have to stick up for her.

[Photo by Stefanie Keenan / Getty Images Entertainment]