Ivan Moody Divorce: Are The Rumors About The Five Finger Death Punch Singer True? Band’s Guitarist Says No

Early this morning, TMZ reported on the imminent divorce of Ivan Moody, singer for the heavy metal band Five Finger Death Punch, and his wife, reportedly named Holly Smith. The celebrity gossip website cited “divorce documents” obtained by the site which stated that Ivan’s wife Holly had filed for divorce following an altercation in a Las Vegas hotel room.

“Five Finger Death Punch singer Ivan L. Moody is now in the throes of divorce after his wife accused him of cheating and he allegedly beat her within an inch of her life.”

The report by TMZ goes on to state that Moody’s wife confronted Ivan in a Las Vegas hotel room, after having found text messages on the singer’s phone from multiple women. After accusing Moody of cheating, Smith allegedly “eventually went to sleep.” When she woke up, the divorce documents allege, Ivan’s arms were around her neck in what she called a Jiu-Jitsu submission hold. Moody then reportedly punched her multiple times and choked her with a blanket. TMZ reports that Ivan Moody was arrested on domestic violence charges that were later dropped.

“The rest of the divorce docs paint a similar picture of abuse, with injuries that include a bloody eye and busted blood vessels.”

Apparently, Smith is seeking financial support comparative to what she alleges Moody makes, which, she says, is approximately $66,000 a month.

But are the Ivan Moody divorce rumors true?

A quick internet search on Ivan L. Moody doesn’t reveal much about his family or personal life, but in what can be found, there is certainly no mention of this mysterious wife of Moody’s named Holly Smith. There is, however, a few mentions of a wife named “Alma Moody.”

The biggest contradiction to the Ivan Moody divorce rumors comes in the form of a tweet from the guitarist of Five Finger Death Punch, Zoltan Bathory, who claims that his bandmate is neither married, nor at all fluent in Jiu-Jitsu.


So, what exactly is the truth regarding the Ivan Moody divorce rumors? As it stands, probably the best person to believe would be Zoltan Bathory, but only time will tell if he was perhaps just attempting to cover for his vocalist, or was, in fact, telling the truth. After all, you can’t always believe what you see on the internet.

[Image Credit: Loudwire]