WWE News: Roman Reigns Opens Up About Being Booed By The Fans, Says The Fans Attacked Him ‘For No Real Reason’

Roman Reigns’ ascent to the WWE main event scene hasn’t really gone as planned. At one time, before WWE made it obvious that they were pushing him to the top, the WWE fans were completely behind Reigns. But once it became apparent that he was going to win the Royal Rumble, the fans turned on him instantly.

Some have blamed the fans abruptly turning on Reigns on the idea that the fans will now hate anybody that WWE is fully behind, while others have pointed to the fact that most of the fans wanted to see Daniel Bryan win the Royal Rumble instead of Roman Reigns. But, whatever the true reason is, the fans have — at least for now — succeeded in putting a stop to WWE making Reigns the WWE world heavyweight champion.

Since his loss to Seth Rollins at WrestleMania, the fans have somewhat warmed up to Reigns. But he’s still not getting the reaction that WWE wants him to get, and, in some cities, he still gets heavily booed.

Roman Reigns recently spoke with Brian Fritz of Sporting News about how the fans decided to hate him at the beginning of this year, and how it affected him personally. Reigns said that it was kind of rough to deal with, and that he felt that the fans had no real reason to turn on him. He also admitted that he was a bit shocked when the booing started.

“When you deal with an internet situation where all these people are attacking you for no real reason at all… You’re just going out there trying to entertain them, trying to give them something to get outside of their life, to get outside their reality and suspend belief for them, and then for them to attack you for no real reason.”

“It’s not like I was trying to hurt anybody. I was just trying to do my thing, make my art the way I want it and have a good time and hopefully it reflects that. It’s just one of those things that once it’s opened up it’s eye-opening. It’s shocking, it’s hurtful but it’s just a part of the world. Just like anything else, any other form of bullying that the world’s dealt with, we’re going to get past it. Strong people are strong for a reason — they can hold that weight. God gave me broad shoulders because I can carry that load. It was a shock and awe factor at first but it’s a lot easier now for sure.”

As previously mentioned, the fans, for the most part, have eased up on Reigns. But that all could change if WWE decides to inorganically push him to the top once again at the beginning of next year.

Roman Reigns is set to team up with Dean Ambrose at next Sunday’s SummerSlam event, and there are rumors of one of the two former Shield members turning heel. If Reigns is the one who turns, it could end up helping him in the long run. Several months ago, WWE was considering turning Reigns by having him attack Ambrose, but they ultimately changed their mind. But they just might go through with that idea next Sunday night.

[Image via Robin Marchant / Getty Images]