Deer & Rabbit: Colorado ‘Bambi And Thumper’ Are The Best Of Friends [Video]

A deer and a rabbit in Colorado are apparently the best of pals, and their friendship is going viral on the web. According to the International Business Times, the internet is simply falling in love with the real-life Bambi and Thumper, who somehow became friends.

“The footage was taken Thursday by Steve and Vicky Johnsen at a YMCA camp near Estes Park, Colorado, 9News in Denver reported. Staff at the camp said the animals played together daily.”

According to dbTechno, the deer and the rabbit hang out on a daily basis. ABC News caught up with YMCA spokeswoman Martha Sortland, who gave a statement about the sweet play between the two animals, which hadn’t been seen prior to this occasion.

“It just brightens everyone’s day when they watch it. No one had seen the deer and the rabbit playing around before and [Steve and Vicky] randomly captured it at the right moment,” said Sortland.

The deer and rabbit friends in Colorado are just the latest animal twosome to go viral. Just last week, a video of a female white-fronted marmoset monkey and a laid-back green iguana hit the internet. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the two somehow bonded with one another at a zoo in Germany.

“The affectionate marmoset monkey shares space with her pal the green iguana at the Krefeld Zoo in Germany, and visitor Conny Schmidt from Dusseldorf took an amazing set of images of the unlikely animal friends.”

[Photo via YouTube]