Willie Nelson Credited With Saving Sick Little Girl’s Life

Willie Nelson saved the life of 4-year-old Ava Adams, according to her parents. The toddler was born 27 weeks premature and was forced to endure 12 surgeries during the first 15 months of her young life. Ava’s parents, Brittany and Jamison Adams, were only allowed extremely interaction with their tiny infant while she kept in a neonatal intensive care unit in an Amarillo, Texas area hospital.

Since the parents could not hug and kiss their baby to help her feel comforted and loved, they decided they would play music to soothe her as she battled for life. Ava Adams became a Willie Nelson fan quickly.

A 4-year-old girl in Amarillo turns to Willie's music for healing. Watch the video here: http://t.co/EuUkKy5yuq pic.twitter.com/8LMxRELI2S

— Willie Nelson (@willienelson) August 7, 2015

“Any time she was having a bad day, you could play Willie Nelson or Johnny Cash or Ray Price and her stats would come up, she would start doing better just almost immediately,” Jamison said during an interview News Channel 10.

Ava Adams

As Ava grew both older and healthier, her love for country music remained, with Willie Nelson emerging as her favorite singer. She now carries a backpack containing a feeding tube and a Willie Nelson doll with her where ever she goes. Last Christmas the family purchased tickets to take Ava to see her favorite singer when he appeared in New Mexico, but the concert was cancelled due to bad weather.

“That [surgeries] left her with a feeding tube, colostomy bags,” Brittany Adams said. “We went back and forth with that for a while. Finally able to stabilize her and we put a feeding tube in, which she uses 24-7.”

Ava has chanted, “We need to go see Willie Nelson” as she walks around their home on a regular basis. The family plans to try going to her their daughter’s idol appear on stage when he is in their area again and Ava’s medical care permits her to travel to the show.

“You have no clue how many times you’ve actually saved our daughter’s life,” Brittany said while raising her hands in gratitude to Nelson. “There were times where her heart rate was incredibly low. She was … cardiac, she was not doing well. She spent so long in there and it was such a long road, but actually just playing that music for her really, really did change and save her life.”

[Image via: Randy Miramontez/Shutterstock.com and News Channel 10 screengrab]