‘General Hospital’ Casting News: Actor Swap Ahead With Kyle Sloane Character

There’s a casting shift on the way for General Hospital, though many would say this one won’t be too terribly jarring. The actor playing the role of Kyle Sloane is said to be changing yet again, as a familiar face is coming back to take over the role. What’s the scoop?

According to Soap Opera Digest, Robb Derringer is coming back to General Hospital. Derringer had originated the role in November, 2014, but Grayson McCouch was brought in to play the role beginning in January. McCouch began appearing on-screen in February and has been in the role until now.

Viewers have watched as Sloane came to town targeting Anna Devane for the death of Cesar Faison, but Sloane and Devane ended up helping one another when it came time to cover up the death of Carlos Rivera. There were even some sparks of a romantic nature starting to fly between the two.

The character of Sloane was the police commissioner for a while, but that didn’t last long. He’s committed a fair number of misdeeds, and viewers will be curious to see where the writers are headed with this replacement.

Derringer will begin showing up on-screen in September. However, General Hospital spoilers tease that this will be a short story arc, and that the character may not be sticking around Port Charles for long. It seems that Sloane will show back up again as Anna returns to town, teases SoapCentral.

How are GH fans reacting to the news so far? Some aren’t sure why the show is recasting the role again when Sloane is coming back for a short time, though Derringer was always a hit with fans. On the other hand, many had come to like McCouch with Devane’s portrayer, Finola Hughes, and the chemistry likely won’t be the same with the other pairing. Either way, it seems that it’ll be a short return to tie up some loose ends.

With former head writer Ron Carlivati out and a new team of writers in, fans will be curious to see what happens this fall and winter in Port Charles. Though there’s a lot of action playing out right now with the Jake Doe/Jason Morgan storyline, buzz indicates that this will take a while to play out in full.

Rebecca Budig is back as Hayden Barnes, and Genie Francis is sticking around for a bit in the role of Laura Spencer. Yet another mob war is playing out with Sonny and Julian, and it’s shaping up to be a wild fall on the soap.

What do you think of the show switching Grayson McCouch out for Robb Derringer to bring Kyle Sloane back for a handful of episodes? Stay tuned for more General Hospital spoilers as the show moves toward some big storylines and reveals this fall.

[Images via Peter Kramer / Getty Images, IMDb]