Katie Ledecky’s 1500m World Record Broken, Aiming For Possible Olympic Win

Katie Ledecky broke her own 1500m world record in Kazan, Russia, as well as her others, and could easily be seeing a chance to compete with the world next year. The 18-year-old swimming champion has outdone the competition and could be heading to the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

Katie is the more positive side of the water alongside free diver Natalia Molchanova, who had also achieved several world records and earned the title of “world’s greatest free diver.” Last week it was reported by The Inquisitr that Natalia had gone diving with friends in Ibiza and never came back up.

Ledecky is enjoying her rise to the top still, having competed with herself in Kazan and beaten all of her previous records. In the 200 (meters) she had seen her closest win, beating her record by 0.16 seconds. She beat her previous records in the 400 by 3.89 seconds, the 800 by 10.26 seconds, and the 1500 by 14.66 seconds.

When Katie Ledecky broke her 1500m world record, she crowned herself Czarina and planted herself firmly on the road to the 2016 Olympics.

Katie had already achieved two world records and four gold medals in Barcelona, already proving herself a serious contender.

“After Barcelona, I set my goals for these last couple years, and I have a little ways to go still. I’m chipping away at those goals, and this is a really great [stepping stone] toward Olympic trials.”

Ledecky’s coach Bruce Gemmell said he’s “not surprised. She’s such a beautiful natural swimmer.”

ABC News reports that Katie has been so dedicated to her swimming prowess, she doesn’t even have a driver’s license. She apparently feels more free in the water, even revealing her mindset for how she won in Barcelona.

“I kind of try to keep the same mindset I had going into 2012 — no expectations, no pressure, and whatever happens, happens. I know my family and my coaches will all help me maintain that mindset.”

U.S. national team director Frank Busch even had something amusing to say about Katie Ledecky’s 1500m world record being broken.

“We laugh about how she’s going to retire some men in this sport continuing to swim that fast. She’s doing things that are unprecedented in our sport.”

Do you think Katie is a guaranteed addition to the U.S. Olympic swim team?

[Image via Clive Rose / Getty Images]