Kanye West Petitions For No-Fly Zone As He Works On Troubled ‘Swish’ Album

Kanye West is usually the subject of many petitions (people want him banned from everything), but he is the one starting a petition this time. The Mirror has the news.

“Kanye West has reportedly called for a no-flying zone over his California home as he looks to protect his family. It seems the sky is the limit for the rapper’s ambition, and he’ll stop at nothing to ensure complete privacy for pregnant wife Kim Kardashian and their two-year-old daughter, North.”

Apparently, Mr. West is trying to get other residents who live in his neighborhood to sign the petition, as well. Perhaps Kanye West can also convince his neighbors to buy his records, since nobody seems to be into his music these days. Besides his appearance on Rihanna’s “FourFiveSeconds,” West hasn’t had anything close to something resembling a hit in years. HipHopDX quotes producer Mike Dean, who says Kanye’s new album is still a work in progress and won’t be done until Kanye says so.

SWISH has been a “work in progress” ever since what was supposed to be the first single, “Only One,” bombed on Billboard‘s Hot 100. Besides failing to chart high, the song received brutal reviews, especially from the Los Angeles Times.

“It hits at the two-minute mark, the realization that ‘Only One’ featuring Paul McCartney isn’t headed into that glorious West-ian stratosphere that we’ve come to expect over the past decade. At the three-minute mark, all hope is lost.”

Kanye West recently received a lot of negative publicity for walking off the stage after his performance at the Pan-American Games. Gossip Cop reported on what some thought was West’s latest ego trip.

“West is seen performing the 2007 hit song [‘Good Life’] at the Rogers Centre in the final minutes of his set, but unfortunately no one in the audience could hear him. West, who looked pretty annoyed with the situation, suddenly tossed his mic in the air and walked off stage.”

Perhaps West had a right to be angry — his performance, up to that point, was fantastic according to most sources. The Toronto Star loved Kanye’s performance and noted that West slayed the audience with just his physical performance that put the crowd of 30,000 right in his hands. Even the Guardian thought Kanye West was in top form and gave his performance four stars.

Kanye West still has everybody’s attention, whether it is good or bad. Let’s hope SWISH can deliver and put West back on top of the music world.

[Photo by Steve Russell / Getty Images]