Geno Smith Cold-Cocked, Jaw Broken By Enemkpali, Over $600 Plane Ticket, Vick Weighs In

It’s hard to believe that NFL football stars are willing to suffer broken jaws and lose contracts due to an altercation over a $600 plane ticket, but that’s apparently exactly what happened. Geno Smith’s broken jaw was previously reported by the Inquisitr yesterday, but more light has been shed on the reasons as to why the altercation occurred, according to SB Nation.

Enemkpali was released by the Jets on Tuesday after assaulting Smith, whom he said owed him $600 for a plane ticket to his football training camp in July. Geno Smith did not attend the camp nor make the plane trip, allegedly because a close friend of Smith’s was killed in a motorcycle accident shortly before the flight was scheduled. Smith chose to remain behind to attend funeral proceedings and was apparently going to reimburse Enemkpali for the unused plane ticket, which had already been purchased and could not be refunded, but Enemkpali said the reimbursement never occurred. This led to Smith and Enemkpali having an altercation in the locker room about the unpaid $600 plane ticket on Tuesday, with Enemkpali punching Geno Smith in the face, breaking his jaw. The injury will perhaps cause him to have to sit out the first ten weeks of football season and will require surgery to properly set his fractured jaw.

Shortly after the altercation, Enemkpali was fired by the Jets. He was expected to earn over $500,000 this football season. No other official statements have been made about the alleged assault or the happenings immediately preceding it. It was supposed to be a fresh start for the Jets this season, with new coach Todd Bowles, but he has a serious challenge now with training season barely under way.

Even Michael Vick, who is a free agent now, and who was the Jets quarterback last year, had plenty to say about the incident.

“I was really shocked to hear about it, because Ike was a quiet guy, a hard-working guy who hardly said much. It is a really unfortunate situation for both of them. I will talk to Geno at some point.”

When Vick was asked if he was expecting a call from the Jets to quarterback in Smith’s place this season, he shook his head and said “I don’t know about that one,” according to SB Nation. Vick’s popularity took a nosedive, and he may be one of the most infamously hated NFL players in history after it came to light several years ago that he was running an illegal dog-fighting ring and had personal hung and slammed dogs who did not perform well on the ground until they died. He was sentenced to jail and served his time, and the NFL allowed him to return afterward.

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