Stella Maxwell Attends Victoria’s Secret In London: Talks Lingerie, Social Media & Working Out

Miley Cyrus’ girlfriend Stella Maxwell is in London to promote the new Body by Victoria’s Secret Collection. The 24-year-old stole the spotlight with her sexy blonde bombshell looks. It also helps that Stella has been rumored to be dating Miley for a few months now.

Stella Maxwell was the only British model to become one of the Victoria’s Secret models to earn her “Angel” wings in April. Maxwell told Vogue magazine that she felt “nervous” casting for the lingerie company because she felt that they hire only the “sexiest girls.”

“My first casting for the show, it was memorable. I remember I was really nervous. I just knew I had a limited amount of time to give my energy and show them what I had to offer. They choose the sexiest girls and they have the sexiest lingerie.”

In the middle of her promotion for Victoria’s Secret, Stella also found the time to sit down for an interview with Grazia Daily. She told the British fashion magazine that she doesn’t mind shooting in her lingerie, as she’s open to anything. Stella has gotten over her insecurities and now feels “comfortable” shooting for the super sexy brand.

“I have always enjoyed shooting anything really. I love shooting fashion, editorials, advertising, commercials, I love it all! I just enjoy the shooting and performing. I just feel confident because the lingerie is so nice I feel sexy without trying. Victoria’s Secret make you feel very comfortable on the shoot, so it’s not an awkward situation, you always feel safe and good.”

There’s also an upside to posing for Victoria’s Secret. Stella jokingly revealed that she never has to worry about running out of lingerie.

“I never run out of underwear, let’s just say that. I have an endless supply of Victoria’s Secret underwear! I nearly never have to buy a new pair.”

Maxwell has been in the spotlight for a plethora of reasons. Not only was she announced as one of the 10 new Victoria’s Secret Angels, but she’s been spotted with Miley Cyrus. Maxwell was recently spotted kissing the “Wrecking Ball” singer on camera. The blonde beauty says that she enjoys being in the spotlight and credits Victoria’s Secret for promoting her.

Stella is also aware that her fame has taken off due to her exposure on Instagram. She admits that she’s “kind of obsessed” with the photo-sharing app and loves giving her fans a peek into her life where she can showcase her personality.

“I’m kind of obsessed with Instagram. I like the fact that you can really express yourself, obviously there are limits, but you can always show a lot of your personality and day to day things that no one would ever know. It’s nice that people can peep into your personal life.”

So, how does Maxwell get her picture-perfect physique? The model revealed that she has a personal trainer everywhere she goes, so she’s never off track. Maxwell also stays in shape by taking hikes and doing yoga. She did share one workout tip that fans can incorporate in their own lives.

“I think for starters a good healthy diet, I think that helps and then I like to do a lot of outdoor activities. If I’m in California or even New York I like to walk outside and get some fresh air and not be stuck in a gym necessarily every time. I like to just get out and see and learn… and you know, I think that’s all part of a healthy lifestyle.”

The model has always been conscious of what she eats, which is why it’s so easy for her to stay in shape. When it comes to her diet, Stella told Hello! Magazine she has “always been into healthy eating and I drink lots of water – I think that drinking water is the key to life.”

[Image: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images]