Hungry Dogs Cause Fire While Stealing Some Cupcakes Off The Stove

Hungry dogs caused a stove fire while trying to steal some cupcakes on a stove in Pennsylvania. The homeowner had placed some cupcakes to cool on the stove and the sweet aroma attracted the dogs into the kitchen. While attempting to snag some dessert, they accidentally knocked some stove knobs and started a fire in the process.

When the landlord of the Logan Township, Pa. area home came to let the tenant’s dogs out around 8 p.m. he quickly notice the stove fire and called 911. The home is located near Altoona, which is approximately 85 miles east of Pittsburgh.

None of the hungry dogs seeking cupcakes were injured in the stove fire incident.

Pastry themed treats are popular gourmet dog treats. Pet lovers can make their own doggie cupcakes and possibly keep Rover away from the human treats – and the stove. Pinterest offers a plethora of “Pupcakes” recipes.

Pupcake baking tips from the Dog Treat Kitchen:

“A dog cupcakes recipe with carrots or any other recipe doesn’t need to be reserved just for dog parties. Show your little one you care by baking a fresh muffin full of vitamins any day of the week. Just remember, dog cakes, and especially ones with dog treat icing, are treats so be sure to limit the amount your dog can eat at one time.”

What do you think about the hungry dogs causing a fire to reach some cupcakes?

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