'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Star Vicki Gunvalson Sets The Record Straight About Brooks Ayers' Cancer

Vicki Gunvalson has certainly seen her share of criticism during this season of Real Housewives of Orange County. From rumors that she isn't a successful business woman to the idea that her boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, is faking his battle with cancer, Gunvalson is officially fed up with all the rumors.

In fact, according to Radar Online, a source close to the reality star shared that Gunvalson is determined to stick up for herself. "Vicki Gunvalson has worked extremely hard in her life and is not going to stand down to anyone, especially other co-stars who are so full of bulls**t," the insider revealed.

In regards to her boyfriend faking his cancer diagnosis, the source added that Gunvalson thinks it is ludicrous and is tired of addressing the issue, especially to her costars on the Real Housewives of Orange County.

"Vicki thinks that the fact that anyone would accuse Brooks of faking something like cancer is just absolutely ridiculous... Vicki goes to every single appointment with him and he has a ton of substantial medical proof that he is not faking a terminal illness. That is just sick and she is not even going to play into this because it is such crap. She is just so tired of defending herself."
In addition to her boyfriend's cancer rumor, Gunvalson has also faced some recent criticism in the business world. With that in mind, the reality star recently took to Twitter to clear the air.
"Time to set the record straight. Fact #1 Wines By Wives was never owned by me or Tamra, we only endorsed it... #2 Vicki¹s Vodka never launched as has been closed for 2 years."
The insider chimed in on the topic as well, stating that Gunvalson is a diligent worker who has done well for herself.
"People always want to start drama with Vicki because she is successful and doing it on her own... She is a real person and people can relate to her, which is why she has remained on the show for so long."
Meanwhile, Gunvalson has also had her share of run ins with newcomer Meghan King Edmonds. When asked during Watch What Happens Live why she didn't stand up for Shannon Beador when she was verbally attacked by Edmonds, Gunvalson said she did but the cameras didn't show it.
"Meghan is overwhelming … She's always going after somebody. I actually have defended Shannon with Meghan, you just may not have seen it."
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[Image Courtesy: Bravo]