Jimmy Fallon Makes Kristen Stewart So Miserable She Vows Never To Come Back On ‘The Tonight Show’ [Video]

Jimmy Fallon is at it again. Not only does the comedian have a terribly good time hosting his late-night talk show, it has now become a staple feature of his program to land his celebrity guests in tight waters.

Twilight star Kristen Stewart was the latest to fall prey to Jimmy Fallon’s comic antics. When she appeared on The Tonight Show on Tuesday night to promote her latest film, American Ultra, she couldn’t have possibly imagined that her night was going to be one by the end of which she would be wishing she never appeared on the show again.

But that is exactly what happened. As is customary with The Tonight Show, Fallon plays a self-invented game at the end of the program. This time after the interview, in which Kristen Stewart fared relatively well, she was made to play a game called “Word Blurt,” in which both Jimmy and Kristen were supposed to utter the first word that comes to their minds after reading a random word written on a deck of cards.

As Time noted in their review of the episode, Stewart struggled from the beginning. In response to a prompt with the word “tequila,” Stewart could only blurt an obvious “shot.” This was the moment when Stewart accepted the lack of a creative answer on her part, sheepishly letting Jimmy Fallon know that she is “not very good at the improv joke thing.”

However, it is Fallon we are talking about, and he continued to perform in his trademark manner. But the awkwardness also continued. When the next word “selfie” was mentioned, Stewart could only say “stick” in her response, and so on and so forth. Which made even Jimmy kind of nervous, but in his usual nonchalant way, Fallon continued being the everyday jester he is.

By the end of the show, both Jimmy Fallon and Kristen Stewart had (in a hilarious sort of way) realized that it was a mistake to call her on the show, with Stewart noting down the words “coming here” in response to the last prompted word “mistake.” Well played, Kristen, we will have to give that to you.

And you can probably guess what Jimmy wrote — “tonight.”

Perhaps not the most entertaining of Jimmy Fallon’s celebrity guests, but Kristen Stewart still proved that she has legions of fans who would love to see her just be herself.

Kristen Stewart’s stoner comedy film, American Ultra, releases on August 21, in which she stars alongside Jesse Eisenberg and Topher Grace. Maybe Jimmy Fallon is waiting to finally have a laugh too.

[Photo by Mike Coppola for NBC / Getty Images]