Queen Nefertiti’s Tomb Allegedly Found: Could The Egyptian Ruler Have Been Hidden For Religious Reasons?

While Queen Nefertiti’s tomb may have been found, it is unknown why her alleged burial was discovered behind that of King Tutankhamun, or King Tut, as most of us know him. There appears to have been two secret passages behind the former Egyptian ruler’s tomb allegedly blocked off by the ones who built the tomb.

If true, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Queen Nefertiti may have been buried where nobody might have otherwise found her. The discovery could also eventually uncover reasons why the long-lost Egyptian Queen had never been previously found.

The lost Queen had been known as the Lady of the Two Lands, ruling alongside her son, young King Tut. Her allegedly secret burial may have been done to protect her remains due to her different religious beliefs. She may have been the first ruler of Egypt who believed in only one god, the sun disc Aten. She had been known as a religious revolutionary, something that religious texts such as the Bible have shown to be extremely troublesome to ancient Egypt.

Another reason theorized for why Queen Nefertiti’s tomb was possibly hidden behind that of King Tutankhamun was because the famous Pharaoh’s own tomb was actually the size of an antechamber, smaller than those of other Kings. Scans have revealed two more possible rooms branching off from the tomb of King Tut, with one possibly being little more than a storage room, both blocked off with hidden doorways. King Tutankhamun’s tomb could have actually been a clever addition to what had already been there.

The lost Queen Nefertiti had been the consort, co-regent, and eventual successor to Akhenaten, King of Amarna. What has scientists and Egyptians skeptical of this discovery is why Nefertiti had allegedly been taken from the place she had been known to reside, Amarna, all the way to the Valley of the Kings.

Could the Queen’s religious beliefs have gotten her dead body banished from her home? Why do you think Queen Nefertiti’s tomb may have been hidden behind that of King Tutankhamun?

[Image via Andreas Rentz / Getty Images]