All Hail The Dog Bun, The Cutest Canine Hair Trend The World Never Asked For

For a couple years, people have been doing something very strange to their dogs. And man’s best friend, being the eternally patient creatures that they are, have let their owners do it.

Inspired perhaps by the hair trend of 2014 — the man bun — dog owners have emulated the stylish up-do in their long-haired dogs by tying back their fur into a sophisticated, messy, or just plain adorable “dog bun.”

The silly trend has even inspired its own hashtag on Instagram, and now the social media site is brimming with pics of pooches patiently modeling their dog buns.

And silently begging their owners to untangle that painful hair tie out of their fur.

According to Mashable, the dog bun trend began about three years and has gradually gained traction on the Internet, particularly Instagram, exploding in popularity in the past few months. Many have described the dog bun as the hair trend of hipster dog lovers, linking back to the hipster man bun.

(The man bun was — and still is — so popular because of its androgyny, and apparently is an homage to the topknots worn by Japanese samurai warriors, The Daily Mirror noted. Who knew?)

“Dogs with buns are more introspective and philosophical than their counterparts without buns. They have something to say, but they don’t need to say it, you know,” wrote Max Knoblauch back in March.

The dog bun comes in all shapes and sizes: Teeny tiny and tight. Messy and casual. Coiffed and sophisticated.

Some people, however, in the absence of long locks have instead chosen to tie back their dog’s ears to achieve the fashionable dog bun. And as the trend continues to explode online, Refinery 29 talked to a veterinarian who warns that this actually quite dangerous.

“Pet owners should never use rubber bands or hair clips to pull back dog ears– as these could interrupt blood supply and cause serious damage to the ears, potentially leading to ear flap amputation,” said New York City vet Dr. Ann Hohenhaus. On occasion, a soft cloth band (eg: hair scrunchies) can be used.”

In other words, your dog shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfort and ear-health just in the name of beauty.

[Photos via Twitter]