Ben Affleck Took Ouzounian To Vegas In The Days Before The Garner Divorce Was Announced

Ben Affleck took the nanny, Christine Ouzounian, to Las Vegas in the days before his divorce from Jennifer Garner was announced. The split of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck has been making headlines since the couple announced their divorce on June 30. Now, a new photo of Ben’s former nanny wearing Tom Brady’s Super Bowl rings is the latest development in the scandal, and the photo could have caused the entire split.

Apparently, Christine Ouzounian flew out to Las Vegas with Ben Affleck and Tom Brady just days before the divorce was filed. She shared a photo of herself on her private Instagram account that featured her wearing Tom Brady’s four Super Bowl rings, according to Us Magazine.

Ben Affleck flew to Las Vegas to attend a celebrity poker tournament on June 26. He took Christine along, even though she was afraid the trip might cost her the job she had with the family. A source revealed that, “She was worried about being fired, but Ben assured her, ‘I’m your boss, too, you know!’ Ben said her job was secure.”

However, the trip did raise some red flags for friends of Christine Ouzounian, according to an Entertainment Tonight report. The trip was not with Ben Affleck and his kids, but Ben Affleck on his own.

The pair left the Bahamas together, and they stopped in Boston to pick up Tom Brady for the tournament. The nanny was meant to fly to Las Vegas and then board a flight that took her home to Los Angeles, but she stayed in Vegas with Ben. That did not sit well with Garner.

Ben had been vacationing with Jennifer and their three children in the Bahamas, and he returned to the island getaway on June 29. The couple announced their divorce on June 30, and Jennifer fired the nanny on July 1.

Does that mean this little trip to Las Vegas for Ben Affleck and the nanny caused the end of the couple’s marriage?

There is no way to know for sure. The couple had been separated for several months before the divorce announcement, according to reports.

The photo now at the center of the nanny scandal was shared by Page Six on Tuesday after appearing in the New York Post. Another source close to Affleck spoke up about the incident after the photo was released by the outlet. The source stated that, “There were other people on the flight all headed to Ben’s charity event in Las Vegas. It was preplanned. Christine was at the event and with the rest of Ben’s staff the whole time.”

Gawker shared even more about the trip and Christine’s appearance in Las Vegas.

“There were many other people on the plane, including other assistants and staff working for Ben who were helping with the event, and many of these also tried on Tom’s Super Bowl rings and took photos. Ben and Tom Brady are good friends, and he is grateful that Tom agreed to attend his charity event. When they landed in Vegas, Christine helped out with the organization of the tournament, assisting clients and guests who attended. She was not hiding, she was there to help out.”

Jennifer fired Christine more than two months ago, but she is not hurting for money yet. A previous Inquisitr report stated that Christine has been staying at the Hotel Bel-Air in Los Angeles, and Ben Affleck is footing the bill.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Ouzounian returned to social media over the weekend. She had been absent from her Instagram since the scandal involving Ben Affleck broke, but she decided to resume her social media activities because she wanted to show off her brand new car.

The currently unemployed nanny shared photo of her standing next to a $43,000 Lexus IS convertible on Monday. She captioned the photo with, “Keep Calm and meet my new drop top Lexi.”

That was not her first Instagram share though. Over the weekend, she posted a paparazzi photo of herself to the account, and she used Alicia Keys lyrics to caption the photo, “She’s just a girl and she’s on fire.”

That does not sound like a woman that is unhappy about the status of her life currently. Previous reports have revealed that Christine is in love with Ben Affleck, and she thinks the two of them will marry once his divorce from Jennifer Garner is final.

“She thinks they’re meant to be together. She says that it’s perfect because the kids love her. I think she really wants it to happen, but at the same time, she’s not crazy — I really do think there is something to the relationship. She’s not the kind of girl who sleeps with someone once and is like, ‘We’re in love.’ She’s not like Isla Fisher in Wedding Crashers — she’s no stage-five clinger. She’s a guys’ girl in a way, but also very sweet — the opposite of Jen (Garner), basically.”

Ben and Jennifer’s divorce has been a source for tabloid speculation in recent weeks. However, the couple seems to have kept things amicable in the public eye. Ben was in Atlanta over the weekend, and he went out with Jennifer and their kids to see a movie. Both Ben and Jennifer have kept their wedding rings on since the divorce. A move they revealed to be for their kids.

People Magazine shared the latest from a source close to the couple about the family outing and their divorce over the weekend.

“This weekend was a family weekend. These two are still speaking, still working through their separation. They remain on the same grounds at the same house [in Atlanta]. This has been hard, but this has not been as hard as everyone is making it. They speak all the time, not always in an angry way.”

Another People Magazine report revealed that Garner and Affleck are moving forward with mediation for their divorce instead of dragging everything into court. The report made it clear that any affair would not affect the divorce, even if it headed to court. However, the affair could have an impact on who is awarded custody of their children.

“Even if the stars aren’t able to agree on terms and wind up in court, their behavior wouldn’t affect who gets what in the divorce. A judge would enforce any prenup, unless it’s contested, and otherwise all assets accumulated during the marriage would be divided evenly, with child support awarded as determined by the court.”

Ben Affleck does not seem to be bothered by the scandal surrounding him. He made his first public appearance since the divorce announcement on Monday night. He attended the fourth season premiere of HBO’s Project Greenlight. He was wearing his wedding ring at the event, and he was all smiles according to the tabloids.

Matt Damon is his partner on the project, and he said that Ben Affleck is “great. He’s got a big smile on his face tonight.” Ben avoided talking to the press during the event. Matt Damon fielded all questions for the pair, according to CBS News.

Ben is keeping busy for the near future. Den of Geek reported last week that Affleck might appear in a new trilogy of Batman movies. This could lock Affleck into the role of Bruce Wayne for the next decade.

What do you think of the latest in the Ben Affleck nanny scandal? Do you think the Las Vegas trip with Tom Brady was the final straw for Jennifer Garner?

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