One Direction Are Finished According To Louis Walsh

Louis Walsh helped to make One Direction a success, but the former X-Factor judge thinks the boy-band’s days are numbered. According to Walsh, One Direction have had their time, but that time is just about over. As any fan of One Direction knows Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and former band member Zayn Malik were all dumped out of the “talent” competition at the boot-camp stage of the 2010 season of X-Factor. As a result they were lumped together as a boy-band and One Direction was born.

One Direction came third in that season of the show but have gone on to become arguably the biggest success story that the show has produced. It is probably fair to say that no one, including One Direction, believed that the band would go on to be as successful as they have. Indeed Niall Horan recently told the BBC that “no one expected” One Direction to be such a success story.

“We thought we’d do a bit in the UK and trip around a little bit. Things have changed. It’s pretty good, there’s nothing to complain about really.”

“I don’t think you can describe it too easily but it’s been amazing so far.”

Louis Walsh was a judge on X-Factor when the boys were formed into a band. Walsh has a long history of managing the careers of boy-bands, including Westlife, and he believes that the writing is on the wall for One Direction. Speaking to Music Week Walsh claimed that One Direction have just one album left before they split.

Walsh says that he put boy-band Hometown together because he “knew One Direction wasn’t going to last and there was nobody else. I think there’s one more album and that’s it.”

Walsh claims that One Direction had just one thing going for them, and it wasn’t talent. He said “One Direction had one thing going for them and that was Simon [Cowell]. Simon made it all happen.”

According to Unreality TV, Walsh thinks that the only One Direction star who has what it takes to be a solo star is Harry Styles.

“I don’t know who’s going to be a [solo] star. If I was betting on anybody, I’d put my money on Harry [Styles], because he’s got the ambition. Ambition and work ethic, to me they’re as important as talent.”

If Walsh is right in thinking that One Direction will split after the next album, then the end is very close. That album is already recorded. It is also widely believed that One Direction’s five-year, five-album deal with Simon Cowell’s SyCo expires at the end of this year. It is widely reported that the members of One Direction are sick of the constant touring and being stalked by fans and the paparazzi, so Walsh could well be correct.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images]