September 26, 2019
Melissa Riso's Insane Cleavage Is Barely Contained By Yellow String Bikini

Actress and model Melissa Riso is having a serious case of the blues after returning from her recent trip to the Bahamas. To help brighten her mood as well as those of her 1.1 million Instagram followers, she shared a stunning picture of herself from her beach vacation last week.

The Inquisitr reported earlier about Riso's tiny yellow string bikini. In this second image of the actress wearing the swimsuit, the top barely contains her voluptuous cleavage. It almost looks like the model suffered a hint of a wardrobe malfunction with one triangle barely covering her nipple. In the picture, the Mr By Melissa Riso creator ran one hand through her damp beach brunette locks as she looked down with her eyes nearly closed. Sand dotted the hairstylist's sunkissed skin. In the background, waves crashed into the surf, and wispy clouds dotted the blue sky.

Last week, Riso and her boyfriend, Brandon Messina, traveled to the tropical location and enjoyed a week filled with relaxing on the beach, spa treatments, and delicious food. Throughout the trip, the model kept her social media followers updated with little pictures and clips from her days. In the caption of her latest post, Riso revealed that all she wants to do is head back and play in the sand some more, which may mean she already has dreams of another vacation in her future.

Nearly 1,800 followers hit the like button in support within the first hour of the late-night post. Dozens also replied. Not surprisingly, her followers empathized with the sentiment, and many understood exactly how it feels to go back to work after a highly anticipated vacation.

"I agree very much," a fan replied.

"Me too," another agreed.

One fan even had a practical solution for Riso's lack of motivation for work problem.

"Then make playing in the sand your work and always enjoy working!"

In some ways, it looks like that's precisely what the mode did while enjoying the beach. Other people appreciated the work that Riso did on her trip since she clearly posed for some enticing photos of herself wearing bikinis and other beachwear during the days she was away from home. Because she did not share a photographer credit, it's unclear who took the pictures, but her followers have enjoyed the fruits of her labors.

"Wow! You are absolutely breathtaking!!" praised a follower.

"There is no one more gorgeous than you," another wrote.

In her Instagram story, the actress reshared both images of herself wearing the stunning yellow bikini with no additional explanation added.