Britney Spears ‘Obsessed’ With Meditation, Has Mastered Several Yoga Poses

Not only does Britney Spears look physically fit and healthy lately, but she also appears to be very happy. Several new reports claim that Brit is “obsessed” with meditation as it has “dramatically” changed her life, since her breakdown from 2007 to 2008.

An inside source told Closer magazine that the 33-year-old pop icon meditates for 20 minutes a day to help ease her anxiety. It’s no surprise that Spears has dealt with mental health issues for years. It’s been rumored that Spears has suffered with a plethora of mental health issues, including issues with substance abuse.

“Britney has always struggled with anxiety. Learning to meditate, relax her mind and body have happy thoughts has made her change dramatically. She lives in the moment more and, instead of moaning about working out, she looks forward to it, revealing the endorphins make her think happy thoughts.”

The insider also added that Spears is not letting her split from Charlie Ebersol get to her. In fact, she’s been getting her revenge body back by meditating and eating right. It’s probably the reason why Spears looked so good on her Hawaiian vacation. She shared some of her sizzling bikini photos on Instagram. The inside source claims that the “Pretty Girls” singer’s healthy new diet and lifestyle approach has her feeling better, both physically and mentally.

“Britney felt she gained weight before and after her split with Charlie, so as well as using the meditation app every morning, she’s dropped one meal a day and is drinking spinach and fruit smoothies instead. She’s feeling full of energy and seems happier than she’s been in a while.”

Although the singer does feel “lonely,” like she has sung in her hit song “Lucky,” she doesn’t want to rush into another relationship anytime soon. Britney just wants to focus on her sons, Jayden, 8, and Sean Preston, 9.

“Britney is struggling with loneliness — she’s the sort of girl who hates not having a boyfriend. But instead of actively looking for ‘The One,’ or letting her dad Jamie and manager Larry Rudolph set her up on dates, she’s convinced that if she thinks positively, she’ll meet the right man when she’s in a grocery store or walking around Las Vegas shopping. She’s decided to try to be happy with what she’s got.”

The legendary Ms. Britney Spears has never been shy when it comes to singing about her loneliness, as witnessed in the music videos below.

Spears does has a lot to be thankful for these days. She has a sold-out show at Planet Hollywood called Britney Spears: A Piece of Me. Spears returned to the Las Vegas stage after taking a much-needed break this summer. She’s also thankful that her dad, Jamie Spears, is looking out for her well-being as she sticks to her lifetime conservatorship. Both fans and the media can agree that he saved Spears’ life.

While Britney heals her mind with meditation, she heals her body with yoga. The pop princess showed off her amazing handstand skills on Instagram. Britney captioned the photo, “The world looks better upside down. #handstand #yoga.”


Other yoga moves that Spears has already mastered include the forearm wheel pose, the boat pose, and the camel pose, according to a report via MTV News. She even performed splits while rocking a tiny bikini on the beaches of Hawaii! In fact, Spears has become sort of a yogi or “yoga queen” in her own right.

The performer doesn’t just rely on yoga and meditation, she also takes Drenched Fitness classes, according to an Us Weekly report. Drenched’s creator, Julie Kennington, spoke to the tabloid about why Britney is attracted to the high-intensity classes.

“I think she’s drawn to it because it’s a tough workout. It’s cardio as well as strength-training.”

[Image: Jason Merritt/Getty Images]