Hungry Dogs Cause Stove Fire While Trying To Steal Cupcakes

A group of hungry dogs started a stove fire in a Pennsylvania home while trying to steal some sweet treats.

According to CBS affiliate KWTX-10, the owner of the home had apparently left several cupcakes on top of the stove. The dogs, which were left in the house, became hungry and reportedly started a fire while trying to retrieve them, knocking off the stove knobs and turning the stove on in the process.

The landlord told the police in Logan Township, Pennsylvania, near Altoona, about 85 miles east of Pittsburgh, that he arrived to let the tenant’s dogs out at approximately 8:00 p.m. on Sunday, August 9. When he opened the door and entered the home, he noticed a small fire on the stove. He immediately called 911 to seek the help of firefighters.

Luckily, no one, including the dogs, were injured, and the fire was ruled as accidental.

This isn’t the first time a hungry dog has gone to great lengths to be fed. According to a recent report by the Daily Mail, another pooch allegedly spoke words to his owner in order to get food. A Utah woman caught on video the moment her dog said “mama,” hoping to be fed before the woman’s infant.

Andrea Diaz-Giovanini, her 10-year-old Australian Shepherd dog Patches, and 9-month-old baby Samuel can be seen in the 30-second clip. While using the food as an incentive, Andrea is requesting Samuel say “mama.” She continues this trend, only to have baby Samuel look around with a confused look on his face. However, Patches is paying close attention to the food and appears to whine the word she had been reciting. He continues to “talk” to his owner, and eventually gets a treat.