Ben Affleck’s Las Vegas Trip With Ex-Nanny Was ‘All Business’

Since Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner announced their separation after ten years of marriage, little details about Affleck’s alleged inappropriate relationship with the nanny has surfaced.

Now a photo has surfaced of ex-nanny Christine Ouzounian on a private jet wearing Patriots’ player Tom Brady’s super bowl rings. That sounds pretty random to the average reader, but word is that Affleck and Brady are good buddies and hang out when they can. So how did Ouzounian wind up on a private jet posing with Tom’s rings? Well, according to Page Six, Affleck and Ouzounian flew from Affleck’s family crises trip in the Bahamas to Las Vegas, and picked up Brady on the way.

The scandalous story, which definitely introduced yet another eyebrow-raising scenario into the Garner-Affleck-Nanny-gate situation, hit the web earlier in the morning. By afternoon, there was a source saying that nothing salacious went on between the ex-nanny and Affleck on the private jet to Vegas. In fact, according to a source, Affleck didn’t just invite Christine, he also had additional staff members to help him with a Vegas charity event.

According to the New York Post, “Christine flew with Ben from the Bahamas to Vegas because she was helping him with his poker tournament for his charity.”

The source continued, “There were many other people on the plane, including other assistants and staff working for Ben who were helping with the event, and many of these also tried on Tom’s Super Bowl rings and took photos. Ben and Tom Brady are good friends, and he is grateful that Tom agreed to attend his charity event.”

“When they landed in Vegas, Christine helped out with the organization of the tournament, assisting clients and guests who attended. She was not hiding, she was there to help out,”

The original story had Jennifer Garner reportedly finding out about the trip to Vegas and subsequently firing the nanny. It’s said that Affleck has insisted the nanny come to the Bahamas to nanny the children, but allegedly wound up nanny-ing him instead. Keep in mind that the nanny-gate story broke when Affleck returned from the Bahamas. It’s also rumored that Christine called the paparazzi on her and Affleck so that they can snap pictures of them looking friendly during a late night meet up.

Despite everything that has been reported on this matter, Affleck’s reps have adamantly denied that anything romantic went on between the nanny and Ben, and that their relationship wasn’t anything more than friendly and business-related.

[Photo by Angela Weiss / Getty Images]