Britney Spears Returns To TV In CW’s ‘Jane The Virgin’

To say that Jane The Virgin had a successful first season would be an understatement. Not only was the show one of CW’s only critical darlings, but its star Gina Rodriguez went on to win a Golden Globe for her performance on the show.

With that kind of attention, it’s no surprise that the show would raise the stakes for Season 2. According to E! Britney Spears is making a return to TV to guest star on the hit show Jane the Virgin. Spears announced the news on her Twitter to the excitement of her fans.

The Jane the Virgin star expressed her excitement as well.

Spears’ fans reacted the only way they knew how:

@britneyspears @HereIsGina @jaimecamil @CWJaneTheVirgin omg you’re guest appearances are always legendary!!!

— angel (@angelspears__) August 11, 2015

Spears’ role was teased earlier by creator Jennie Snyder Urman. Britney will appear in Rogelio de la Vega’s (Jamie Camil) dream. Urman released a statement about the news, “We are so thrilled that Rogelio’s ‘nemesis’ – Britney Spears – has agreed to appear on Jane The Virgin in [the fifth episode of season 2]. Personally, after hearing about their long standing fued (from Rogelio’s point of view), we are eager to hear Ms. Spears’ side of the story, which we assume is quite different. #TeamBritney”

This isn’t the only time Spears appeared on television. Before she blew minds as a skirt wearing pop star, she was a mouseketeer on Disney’s The All New Mickey Mouse Club. Spears has also guest starred on Glee, How I Met Your Mother, and Will & Grace. You might also remember that Spears and now ex-husband Kevin Federline starred on their own disastrous reality show called Britney and Kevin: Chaotic.

Are you excited to see Britney Spears on the CW’s Jane the Virgin?

[Photo by CW]