‘Rock Band 4’ Digital Pre-Order Bonus Offers Exclusive Songs On PS4

For those who held on to their old Rock Band guitar or drum set, Harmonix is making it just a touch easier to dive into Rock Band 4 through instrument backwards compatibility and some exclusive digital version bonuses. Rock Band 4 for the PlayStation 4 is now available for digital pre-order on the PlayStation Network and it includes two pre-order bonuses for PlayStation Plus members. Fear not, Xbox One owners. Harmonix also confirms that a digital download of Rock Band 4 will be made available at a later date for the Microsoft console with some pre-order bonuses of its own.

By pre-ordering the digital version of Rock Band 4 through PSN, PlayStation Plus members can download and enjoy an exclusive Rock Band theme immediately to their PS4. PlayStation Plus members will also get 10 songs for free that are exclusive at launch to the digital pre-order promotion. Pre-order bonus songs include:

  • All That Remains – “Divide”
  • Blitz Kids – “Run For Cover”
  • Bring Me The Horizon – “Throne”
  • Dead Sara – “Mona Lisa”
  • Duran Duran – “The Reflex”
  • Janis Joplin – “Move Over”
  • Of Mice & Men – “Would You Still Be There”
  • Oh Honey – “Sugar, You”
  • Pantera – “Cowboys From Hell (Live from Monsters In Moscow Festival)”
  • Seasick Steve – “Summertime Boy”

According to Harmonix, both of these bonuses are only for PlayStation Plus subscribers and they will only be awarded by pre-ordering directly through PSN. Digital pre-orders made at other retailers are not eligible for these bonuses. At launch, the 10 free songs will be exclusively available to those who pre-ordered; however, these songs can be purchased as DLC at a later date. The PS4 theme, however, is exclusive to the digital pre-order deal and will not be made available by any other means.

Those pre-ordering the Rock Band 4 “Band-in-a-Box” edition or any of the physical game copies at select retailers have a separate pre-order bonus of 30 free tracks. Amazon.com has an exclusive offer of their own that gives pre-order customers an additional four songs. Savvy consumers will want to look at their back catalog of purchased DLC, since Rock Band 4 is going to allow for some previously purchased songs to transfer into the new game provided those songs were purchased on the same console family (i.e. Some Rock Band songs purchased on PlayStation consoles will work on Rock Band 4 for PlayStation 4, but not Rock Band for Xbox One).

Although consumers opting for the digital version have been assured that most existing music hardware should also work with Rock Band 4, details regarding exact instrument compatibility have yet to be specifically outlined. A tweet from the official Rock Band Twitter account directs customers to an official FAQ that provides some general answers to several instrument and hardware questions.

Although the FAQ does not give out details on which specific products are expected to work with Rock Band 4, it does confirm that a compatibility chart will be made available sometime prior to the game’s launch on October 6, 2015.

[Images courtesy of Harmonix]