Sofia Vergara Voices Bart’s New Teacher On ‘The Simpsons’

There’s a new teacher in town and it’s someone that Bart Simpson actually likes!

According to news reports, 43-year-old Sofia Vergara of Modern Family will be voicing Bart’s new teacher – and love interest?

An Entertainment Weekly exclusive says that Vergara will be playing Mrs. Berrera, the newest teacher in Springfield. Just like Sofia, Mrs. Berrera is attractive, but her features are not similar to the Colombian actress.

The Simpsons executive producer, Al Jean, talked more about the episode and Bart’s new teacher.

“She’s more forgiving than Mrs. Krabappel was of Bart. She pays special attention to him.”

Edna Krabappel, voiced by Maria Wallace until her death in 2013, was Bart’s fourth grade teacher. They’ve had a good-bad (mostly bad) relationship over the years. After Wallace’s death, The Simpsons producers said that they would soon retire Krabappel’s character. Could Sofia Vergara have a more regular stint as Bart’s new teacher?

As Fox News Latino reports, Vergara’s role as Bart’s new teacher is temporary as of now, but there’s a possibility of her coming back in the future. Al Jean shared more things about the role.

“We have a situation where Bart doesn’t have a regular teacher, so she may or may not come back.”

In the episode, Bart’s new teacher will be caught between Bart and Principal Skinner. Bart drinks a substitute for milk containing hormones, which gives him a moustache and all the things that come with puberty. Jean said that a rivalry between Skinner and Bart, pining for the same woman, will make the episode more interesting.

“She feels Skinner is a wounded soul that she wasn’t to take care of. She is a vet like Skinner, and that’s his attraction.”

Al Jean was all praises for Sofia Vergara playing Bart’s new teacher, and said that this may not be the last time she guests on The Simpsons.

“Sofia was really funny and we were glad to have her. And as she said, ‘I’m just 100 yards away on the Fox lot.'”

Sofia Vergara as Bart’s new teacher will be appearing in the episode entitled “Teenage Mutant Milk-Caused Hurdles,” which will air in the middle of Season 27 of The Simpsons. The premiere of the season is on September 27.

What do you think of Sofia Vergara playing Bart’s new teacher? Do you think she will get a more permanent role in The Simpsons? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images for The Screen Actors Guild Foundation]