Stephen Amell Destroys Stardust On Monday Night Raw

If you’re an avid WWE fan or Arrow fan, then you have probably been following the beef between Arrow star Stephen Amell and WWE wrestler Stardust as they butt heads on social media. Amell had his chance to get revenge on Stardust on Monday Night Raw, and it was not a disappointment.

The feud ultimately began after Amell finished filming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and attended Raw with WWE star Sheamus. While at Raw, Stardust decided to get all up in Amell’s business then began harassing him on social media. Here are a few tweets from Stardust:

So of course, Amell was not going to stand back and take heat from Stardust and was invited on Monday Night Raw where he showed Stardust who the real hero was. Amell was standing on the side when Stardust stopped the match between Neville and King Barrett. Once he spotted Amell, Stardust made his way towards him, leaving the ring and hitting Amell in the head. Amell, obviously being awesome, wouldn’t stand for it and entered the ring to defend himself before security stopped him.

This doesn’t look like that last time we will be seeing Amell on Monday Night Raw either. According to EW, Amell will be able to get even more revenge against Stardust and will face Stardust and Barret with the help of Neville on August 23, in Brooklyn.

Amell tweeted that Monday was the “best night ever” and also tweeted a photo to Stardust in preparation for August 23.

Of course, Stardust had a response to Amell saying, “Even the sharpest arrows, no matter what color, come crashing down.”

Here is the video of Stardust and Amell fighting, followed by Amell confirming that he will be back to get his revenge on Stardust.

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/ Getty Images]