Geno Smith ‘Sucker Punch’ Locker Room Video Doesn’t Exist – At Least Not On YouTube

With news about Geno Smith getting sucker punched in the locker room, folks are heading straight to YouTube to search for video footage of the incident. However, a search on YouTube for Geno’s locker room sucker punch that put the Jets player out of commission for six to 10 weeks with a broken jaw doesn’t turn up an actual video of the punch.

Instead of video of the quarterback taking a hit off the field from Geno’s teammate, IK Enemkpali, in the locker room, news reports explaining the incident are starting to fill YouTube. According to the New York Daily News, the sucker punch incident happened on Tuesday morning — and due to that cold-cocking punch, IK has been let go by the Jets.

The punch that Smith took resulted in a banged up jaw that needs surgery.

“Why can’t we ever just have a quiet pre-season?”

Jets fans are reeling over the trivialness of the incident, and how it will affect one of their star players — bemoaning the fact that what head coach Todd Bowles called a childish incident would result in Geno being out for so long.

The drama between Smith and Enemkpali is reminiscent of the action seen on football dramas like Ballers, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. In a recent episode, one player had a rough going with another player when it was uncovered that the new guy had bedded the other player’s mother. While there are no hints about the kind of drama that brought IK to sucker punch Geno, the head coach did reveal it was an immaturity issue.

“[The sucker punch] had nothing to do with football. Something very childish. He got cold cocked, sucker punched whatever you want to call it, in the jaw.”

Generally, locker rooms contain security video footage in certain areas — however, due to privacy concerns and the general nakedness that goes on in such places, this is one surveillance video that might not make it out to the public. If so, searches for Geno’s locker room sucker punch will surely fill YouTube the moment it is released.

For his part, Smith vowed on Instagram that he would return. One can almost hear the Terminator accent in Geno’s “I’ll be back” promise.


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As reported by the Inquisitr, Geno was named starting quarterback, but analysts predicted Smith might not hold the job for long. Chances are, they didn’t predict that a locker room sucker punch would take him down.

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