Kate Middleton Holiday Secrets Revealed By American Traveler Who Met The Royal Couple On Luxury Island

A luxury traveler who bumped into and befriended Kate Middleton and Prince William on the Caribbean island of Mustique several years ago has revealed just what it was like to holiday with the Royal pair.

Martin Katz, an American diamond dealer who designed Kim Kardashian’s wedding day earrings, was on the island with his wife, Kelly, back in 2008, when they met the couple at cocktail party at The Cotton House Hotel.

Describing Kate and William’s location during the trip, Katz told People, “They had a wonderful villa that overlooked a very quiet beach,” but noted that they “were pretty much allowed to be left alone.”

Katz also revealed that Middleton “looked very casual” during her holiday, and even went without makeup, while she “talked to everybody who would talk to her.” He added, “I think what struck me was that they were human like everybody else, dressing to fit in like everybody else.”

Katz also opened up about an evening he spent drinking with Kate and William, explaining that he got talking to them when Middleton wandered to the bar herself.

“I was standing at the [hotel] bar ordering one of the fancy drinks and Kate actually came up to the bar and was quite pleasant and chatty,” Katz recalled. “She couldn’t be more friendly and more open.”

His interaction with the Royal couple didn’t stop there though, because Katz admitted that while he spoke to Middleton about scuba diving, his wife chatted to William.

However, their burgeoning friendship almost came to an abrupt halt when Katz dropped his drink and it spilt all over the second in line to the English throne.

“We started talking about scuba diving. They had gone that day or the day before, and while I was talking, I was holding a glass of fruit punch and it slipped from my hand and crashed to the floor and sprayed all over the princes’s feet. He was in flip-flops.”

At this point, Prince William would have been well within his rights to have turned his back on Katz and never spoken to him again. But instead he took it all in his stride. Katz continued as follows.

“I was mortified of course, but all I heard was, ‘That was quite refreshing, thank you.’ His mother would have been quite proud that he handled himself with such dignity.

It was a very embarrassing moment for me, and he was very kind about it, and my wife never lets me forget that moment.”

[Image via Fashion n Style]