Activist Found Slain: Miguel Angel Jimenez Blanco Killed In Guerrero, Mexico

A Mexican political activist was found slain this past weekend. Miguel Angel Jimenez Blanco, who had helped significantly in the search when 43 students went missing last year, was found dead in the taxi he owned. At this point, little is known about any possible suspects in the case.

CNN reports that the activist was found slain on Saturday in the Guerrero state. Jimenez was in his taxi with two gunshot wounds. Though he had worked tirelessly to fight crime and corruption in the area where he lived, he had started driving a taxi recently to help make ends meet.

Violence has been commonplace in the area of Guerrero. For the past few years, Jimenez worked with leaders in the area to make things more secure. The activist organized groups to patrol the streets and he created a community police group to try to improve conditions in the town of Xaltianguis.

When 43 student teachers went missing in Iguala, Mexico, Jimenez and his group worked on the search. As the Inquisitr reported last December, forensic experts identified some of the remains of the missing students.

The remains were found in a dump and along a river, and the mayor of Iguala, his wife, and numerous municipal officers have been accused of being involved in the disappearance. Reports indicate that the students had been handed over to a drug gang after being taken to the police station.

The gang members have since detailed that they killed the students and set their remains on fire. However, reports indicate that many of the families suspect there is more to the story than what they’ve officially been told.

The BBC details that the slain activist had helped hundreds of families search for their missing loved ones in Guerrero. While Jimenez became known in great part for his work in searching for the 43 missing student teachers, there have been thousands of people who have gone missing in the area due to violent criminal gangs.

Thanks to the work of Jimenez and his crews, 129 bodies have been found. Oftentimes, families will not report that their loved ones have gone missing because they fear retribution. The authorities are often accused of being involved in the ongoing violence as well.

The New York Daily News reports that Jimenez was found near where he had worked with his community police program. The activist had previously received threats for the doing the work he did, and he had gone back to Xaltianguis where he felt he would be safer.

The activist found slain had said that he did the work he did for “the next generation and for my children.” He had added, “If someone doesn’t sacrifice themselves right now, I ask myself who will?” Miguel Angel Jimenez Blanco was clearly a force to be reckoned with in the area, and his presence surely will be greatly missed.

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