‘Big Brother 17’ Spoilers: The Week 7 Eviction Plan Could Take A Big Turn

Things are seemingly shifting during Week 7 on Big Brother 17. Spoilers tease that the current Head of Household came up with an eviction plan, but she may find herself out of the loop as her allies are considering shifting gears. What’s the latest via the live feeds?

Big Brother spoilers have revealed that Steve Moses won the Power of Veto and took himself off the block. Becky Burgess, as HOH, decided to nominate Vanessa Rousso to sit alongside Shelli Poole. Though originally the house looked to be targeting Shelli, Becky decided that she’s rather focus on getting Vanessa out while she had the opportunity.

Vanessa was quite shaken by the nomination and most would imagine that she’ll battle hard to turn the votes her way. There are eight BB17 eviction votes this week and there could easily be a tie on this one, which would give Becky the deciding vote. At least initially, Becky had the support of Meg, James, Jackie and Johnny Mac voting to evict Vanessa. Has the plan shifted though?

As Big Brother Network details, Jackie, Meg and James started doing some talking Monday night in the Have-Not room. The trio started considering the wisdom of keeping Vanessa over Shelli, though they would still need to garner a couple more votes to make it work. Naturally, they look to Austin, Liz and Julia as possibilities, and some would say that’s a solid avenue to pursue.

Big Brother spoilers share that Steve would very likely be a vote to keep Vanessa as well, though John will very surely stay on the side of evicting Vanessa. Does this mean that Becky is on the verge of being blindsided? Not necessarily, as there is a lot of time yet for the decisions to shift.

Buddy TV details that after the POV ceremony, Vanessa spent about eight hours working through her shock and sadness. Some would say she was perhaps a bit over-the-top in her hours of crying, but once she worked through it, she shared a resolve to fight and stick around.

The waffling trio may have a point that they are safer with Vanessa in the house over Shelli given James’ nomination that led to Clay’s eviction. They also feel confident that if Vanessa stays, she’ll target Becky and Johnny Mac before them.

At this point, it seems that most BB17 fans still anticipate seeing Rousso evicted. Of course, there’s a double eviction on the way this week. So, no matter who is evicted first, an additional houseguest will soon be heading out the door as well.

While James, Meg and Jackie may be considering their options, there’s a lot of time ahead yet for things to shift or solidify. Stay tuned for more Big Brother 17 spoilers as eviction night draws near.

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