Did Katy Perry Just Hint At Releasing A Christmas Album? Singer’s Instagram Drops Teaser

It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything from Katy Perry and her so-called “Derp Squad,” other than Perry’s legendary feud with Taylor Swift over the VMAs, the song “Bad Blood”, and pretty much everything else. Now, word on the street is Katy Perry might be releasing a Christmas album. A little more fuel was added to the rumor fire thanks to the Music Times, who discovered a Christmas-themed video that was posted to Katy’s Instagram on August 10.


Summer is great and everything but, honestly, who doesn’t love Christmas in August? In case it wasn’t good enough, Katy and the Derp Squad just made it even better. The identity of the Derp Squad remains unknown, but most likely they are Katy’s response to Taylor Swift’s creation of her own “girl squad,” a group of famous friends who follow Tay Tay around and are part of her close inner circle. Apparently, today is the first time anyone has seen or noticed the existence of Perry’s Derp Squad.

@katyperry who is your derp squad and where did you get them?! #katyperry #derpsquad #kp4 #katychristmas

— KATY PERRY ADL (@prismisticgirl) August 11, 2015

Perry also posted the video to Twitter with the same caption and accompanying emoticons. If Katy is working on a Christmas album, this wouldn’t be the first time she’s sung a tune about St. Nick. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Perry sang a “gorgeous” rendition of “White Christmas” at the Hotel Cafe in the U.K., and Katy also performed an acoustic cover of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” on a separate occasion.

In all fairness, Perry comes from religious Christian roots (she used to perform Christian Gospel music under her real name, Katherine Hudson) and may just be darn excited for Christmas (seriously, who isn’t?). While Perry fans are all abuzz on Twitter about the possibility of a new Christmas album, they still somehow had time to trash Taylor Swift’s upcoming single “Wildest Dreams,” as Inquisitr reported. There are the rare few Twitter users who are willing to put aside their differences though, as evidenced by this tweet that references both singer’s fandoms by name.

Whether you’re a Swiftie, a KatyCat, neither, or some combination of the two, hopefully you can appreciate Katy’s sense of humor and love for all things Christmas. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see whether Katy will make good on her Christmas album promise.

[Image Credit: ATRL.com]