Madonna Has The Face Of This British Politician Emblazoned On Her Pillows

Madonna is one of the most resilient pop icons in the world. Having started singing professionally in the 70s, she still manages to make hits every once in a while.

That said, she recently released a new pop video titled “B***h I’m Madonna.” Delving a bit into the song, it managed to get a phenomenal 80 million views on YouTube after just about two months since its release. According to Inquisitr, the video was mainly popular because of the contrasting elements, which drew mixed reactions.

The Daily Beast is said to have made a negative review of the video, terming it to be a desperate attempt by Madonna to reinforce the image fans had of her. The Verge even stated that it was “nauseating” and that the stars on the video did not exactly make things better. The following was the statement.

“B***h, I’m Madonna” is rife with guest appearances from musicians who have recently been behaving with questionable artistic integrity. Beyoncé (prepare for sacrilege) and Nicki Minaj shared an exceptionally lazy music video through Tidal last month, for which the theme seemed to be a giant “f*** you, you love us, you’ll watch us eat cheeseburgers or make duck faces or just do nothing, even.”

However, Hollywood Life described it as epic and stated that Taylor Swift, who is one of Madonna’s biggest fans, couldn’t wait to watch the video upon its release. This was as revealed by an insider.

“Taylor can’t wait to see the video, she’s the biggest Madonna fan… It’s surreal to her to have all these people talking about how Madonna could be doing her own version of “Bad Blood.” She can’t get over it!”

Away from Madonna’s music career, airline cabin crew recently revealed her attitude when travelling. According to the Mirror, crew members were sharing their experiences on the Professional Pilots Rumour Network and some claimed that Madonna was simply “precious” but also had a habit of “throwing her toys out”.

Yesterday, she posted a picture of her and son Rocco on Instagram. However, a pillow with an emblazoned picture of George Galloway, the leader of the British Respect Party, could be seen behind them.

Check out the picture here.

The pillow is said to have been first noticed by the Truth Seeker Twitter account and caught the politician’s eye, who made a quick retweet as he was no doubt flattered to be associated with the star. He also retweeted messages from other Twitter users who commented on the picture. The picture is said to have been taken in 2005. This is as reported by the Independent.

(Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Gucci)