‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2015 Spoilers For Week 3, Episode 5: Half The Show Goes Home As 10 People Are Eliminated

The second season of Bachelor In Paradise is already almost over as just two episodes remain, but there are still 20 people left in the competition. Well, it’s not like Week 3 will have any less drama than the first two, as by the time that Sunday night’s episode is over, half of the contestants will be heading home.

Please be aware that there are possible and confirmed spoilers ahead for the current season of Bachelor in Paradise. If you don’t want to know them, stop reading now.

Drama has been the name of the game on this season of Bachelor In Paradise, and that includes off the show, as well. Joshua Albers is now mad at show producers for making him look like a wild drug addict, but that’s an entirely different story.

Moving onto Sunday’s episode, and Reality Steve wants everyone to know that there are a lot of eliminations in this episode, so get out your scorecard.

Sunday will start off with eight women, but four more join the game — Chelsie Webster, Jaclyn Swartz, Cassandra Ferguson, and McKenzie Deonigi. There are eight men starting Sunday night’s episode, and no newcomers.

Women are asking the guys out on dates for this one, and there will be four taking place.

  1. Chelsie took Nick out on a date for some yachting and snorkeling.
  2. Mackenzie ends up taking out Justin on a date of some kind.
  3. Mostly everyone is already paired up already so Jaclyn gives her date card to Nick. This ends up with Cassandra taking Justin out to go horseback riding.
  4. Nick then uses the date card to take out Samantha and they went for different food tastings.

Before the cocktail party happens on Sunday night’s Bachelor In Paradise, three people end up leaving. Dan leaves because he isn’t too keen on Amber, and Jared leaves because he doesn’t feel it for Ashley I. Juelia then leaves because she has no one left that she’s interested in.

At the cocktail party, Ashley I. is upset over Jared not being interested in her, so she leaves too.

Then, it’s time for the rose ceremony, and five roses were handed out.

  • Kirk gives his rose to Carly
  • Justin gives his rose to Cassandra
  • Tanner gives his rose to Jade
  • Nick gives his rose to Samantha
  • Joshua gives his rose to Tenley

Mikey tries to give his rose to Mackenzie, but she says no, so that causes Mikey to leave. That left five girls without roses — Jaclyn, Ashley S., Amber, Mackenzie, and Chelsie — so they are eliminated.

Yes, look at the spoilers and realize that by the time Bachelor In Paradise is over on Sunday night, 10 people will have gone home. That is half the show, and leaves just 10 left for the season finale which will air on Monday night.

[Image via ABC]