2016 Presidential Polls: Who Leads After First Debate? - Donald Trump Soaring, Carly Fiorina Gaining, Rand Paul Falling

The first Republican Nominee Debate has come and gone, and the GOP have so many candidates, it had to be done in two parts. The first Democratic debate is still about two months away, but there is plenty going on right now. The latest 2016 presidential polls have been released and Donald Trump is doing nothing but going up while Carly Fiorina is burning it up.

Even though Donald Trump came across as mean and arrogant and controversial and rude, none of that seemed to hurt him. A number of new presidential polls were released on Monday, and his lead didn't just stay the same in some instances, but grew by leaps and bounds.

A Reuters/Ipsos poll was released, and it revealed that support for Trump is unchanged from the week prior to the debate. He still currently has 24 percent of the support, and the candidate closest to him is Jeb Bush with just 12 percent.

In an NBC/Survey Monkey poll, Trump went up one point to 23 percent from last week's support numbers. His closest competitor is Ted Cruz who rose dramatically from 6 percent last week and up to 13 percent this week.

The Survey Monkey poll, run by Jon Cohen, was done online as were all of these polls, but analysts are taking the results very seriously.

Ben Carson also jumped up in that poll as he is now at 11 percent while Jeb Bush and Scott Walker both dropped from 10 to 7 percent.

Now, Trump didn't just see his support sit in place after the debate. The Morning Consultant poll not only saw Donald Trump stay in the lead, but his support went up a full seven points from last week's to 32 percent.

Donald Trump isn't the only one burning up the polls though as Carly Fiorina has seen her favorability rating go up to 56/15 compared to 30/15 when Iowa was polled in April. She has also seen her support raise up to 10 percent which has her just behind Trump (19), Carson (11), Walker (11), and Bush (10).

Most of the other candidates are sitting down around three percent in Iowa. That includes Rand Paul who now has a negative favorability rating at 31/45 in Iowa and a drop in support percentage from 10 in April to now just three.

The 2016 presidential polls are in the very early stages of things for both the Republicans and Democrats, but they still tell a lot. Donald Trump is doing nothing but going up and now Carly Fiorina is on a hot streak. Others are falling, but time and words will tell who goes up or down.

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