WWE News: Backup SummerSlam Plans Revealed If John Cena Can’t Wrestle At SummerSlam

Seth Rollins opened up WWE Raw last night with another entertaining promo about how John Cena wasn’t on the show. The jokes he was cracking were PG-based, but Rollins played it off brilliantly and created a great response from the WWE Universe. WWE Raw’s two weeks without Cena had great crowds, so they played right into Rollins’ hands.

Instead of a storyline consisting of an injury to write off a WWE superstar, this one is legitimate. John Cena’s nose required emergency surgery, which is starting to hinder their storyline. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, the storyline between Rollins and Cena is supposed to go on for the duration of the year.

Just like Cena normally does, he is trying to get ready for WWE SummerSlam in under two weeks. If the fracture of his nose was minor, he wouldn’t have missed WWE Raw last week. Cena is one of the toughest WWE superstars in the company’s history, but his SummerSlam fate isn’t settled yet.

According to Dave Meltzer and E-Wrestling News, there are backup plans if John Cena can’t wrestle Seth Rollins at SummerSlam.

“As of now, Cena’s status at SummerSlam is fifty-fifty. Although he’s currently lifting weights so it appears he thinks he’ll be wrestling at that show. The idea is that if Cena cannot go then they could book Orton vs. Rollins in a singles match or Orton vs. Rollins vs. Sheamus in a three-way at SummerSlam. If Cena can go, they will resort back to their original plans of booking Sheamus vs. Orton and Rollins vs. Cena at SummerSlam.”

WWE almost ran into a scare with their Money in the Bank holder. Sheamus was rumored to have a concussion after last week’s WWE Raw, but he tweeted out a reminder that his “injury” is merely speculation and exaggeration.

If Sheamus isn’t hurt, then WWE can go ahead with their backup plan if needed. Most WWE fans will expect John Cena to wrestle against Seth Rollins. The storyline was written to have a giant match at SummerSlam. Just by looking at social media, fans are unsure who will walk out as WWE champion and U.S. champion.

Logically speaking, the both champions will walk out of WWE SummerSlam with their respective belts. How will the WWE do that? A double count-out is one way. If Rollins disqualifies himself, then neither belt can change hands. This is all possible if Cena is healthy.

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