Skrillex Puts Deadmau5 In His Place, Says Justin Bieber Is 'On Fire Right Now'

Page Mackinley

Skrillex is Team Justin Bieber, as anyone paying attention to the pair's separate interviews since first collaborating with Diplo on the trio's EDM hit "Where Are U Now" will know.

Sonny Moore's latest radio interview, in which he addresses Deadmau5's recent shading of Jack U's song with the Biebs, shows just how tight the singer and Skrillex have become since the latter took on the primary producer role on the Canadian's upcoming album from Kanye West and Rick Rubin.

So, to New York's 92.3 AMP radio interview. Speaking on Bieber, the six-times Grammy winner confirmed to host Shoboy that he is working on Bieber's album before chatting about the sessions.

"It's incredible, and we're just making good songs," Skrillex said of Bieber's album, adding, "and under all the production and everything right now is a great song, him [Bieber], and his writer... named Poo Bear [a.k.a Jason Boyd.]"

The dubstep pioneer revealed the studio and writing personnel on Bieber's new album are him, the Biebs, Boyd (who co-wrote "Where Are U Now" with the heartthrob), and Michael Diamonds. Skrillex explained that he signed Diamonds to work on the album, summing up his team's creative journey so far as "a very fun, intimate process," that all about "making great songs."

Asked to recall one surprising thing about the Biebs, the producer-DJ's defense and praise of the singer was immediate and palpably protective. "It doesn't even matter what anybody says," Skrillex said. "He's the most talented, gifted kid I've ever seen. Like, at everything."

Warming to his theme, Skrillex raved, "He can skateboard. He can, like, beat everyone at ping-pong and pool." He revealed he introduced Justin to the IO HAWK and said the Biebs "got right on it and was doing like one-footed tricks." He also said the singer is "so talented and competitive" and wants to be "good at everything."

It wasn't all boys' toys tales. Skrillex said of Justin, "He's also really quite [a] sweet person as well." He talked about the star embracing Moore "bringing [his] friends in [to] the studio and... other artists that I bring onto the project to help collaborate on the record."

Of Bieber, Skrillex enthused, "He's on fire right now, and I think he's re-inspired." He went on to say that the approach on the singer's album "is just, like, whimsical, and just fun and anything goes right now, and as long as it's good music... that's the vibe. "

Later in the interview, Skrillex spoke of Bieber comedy freestyling in the vocal booth and his "almost" successful SKATE challenge.

Moving on to Deadmau5. Things got seriously funny when Shoboy played Joel's mocking version of Jack Ü's "Where Are Ü Now." After joking that he loved "this version" and giving a nod to Joel's early support, Skrillex spoke his mind.

"I'll always have love for Joel," Sonny began, adding, "But he's an a**hole. And everyone knows that, and he knows that. And that's kinda his thing."

Moore said a lot more, including some advice for kids who have been bullied. Interestingly, he said he wasn't offended by Deadmau5's trolling, but "almost felt bad" that his "one way of getting attention" is invariably with a "negative attitude."

Skrillex also admitted that he felt "less connected" to Deadmau5's music because of Joel's combative, public persona.

— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) August 11, 2015

Meanwhile, with Charlie "See You Again" Puth endorsing Bieber's "What Do You Mean" single via Twitter on Tuesday, the Skrillex-Bieber relationship clearly in good shape, and Team Bieber confirming November 13 as the release date for his album, that sound you can hear is Beliebers' optimism -- at last.

Update: Deadmau5 subsequently responded to Skrillex's comments in a series of frank tweets, which can be viewed either at his timeline or here.

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