Caitlyn Jenner Swimsuit Reveal: Jenner Takes The Plunge In A White One-Piece

Caitlyn Jenner wore a swimsuit for the first time in public. Jenner took the plunge and revealed her bathing suit body to an entire viewing audience last week on the third episode of the E! reality series I Am Cait. Stepping out in a swimsuit was a fear Caitlyn knew she would have to overcome if she ever wanted to go to a beach or a pool again, but it was still kind of scary.

The former male Olympian chose a white one-piece to don at the luxury villa in Napa Valley, California. Caitlyn was staying at the villa with a few other female friends after a meeting with a group of transgender activists in San Fransico. Jenner recently underwent her own gender transition that left her with body image fears and insecurities. Bruce Jenner premiered the new her in June on the cover of Vanity Fair.

Jenner made the switch due to gender identity issues since youth, saying for all intents and purposes; she’s always been a woman. Finding the courage to wear a swimsuit in public as a female has been difficult. Caitlyn Jenner explained that it represents a lot to her as a woman but makes her feel too exposed.

Said Jenner on Sunday night’s episode, “I’m about as nervous as can possibly be right now.”

Taking the safer route with a white, over-the-shoulder one-piece made the reveal a bit easier. Caitlyn opted out of the black two-piece option left for her by stepdaughter Kim Kardashian because it was too revealing in the cleavage area.

“I love my daughter to death, Kimberly, but this is kind of one that Kimberly would wear. Do you know what I’m saying?”

Caitlyn said she was relieved when it was finally over. Her girlfriends cheered her on and even though it was nerve-wracking, Jenner admitted afterwards that it felt good, and she felt free. According to E! Online, Jenner also happened to catch a glimpse of herself wearing the swimsuit.

“I did see my reflection in the glass door, looked pretty good,” said Caitlyn.

The swimsuit reveal is just one of many firsts Jenner will go through as the new Caitlyn. As reported by the Inquisitr recently, another first was a photo Caitlyn had taken with ex-wife Kris Jenner. The two posed together as a gift for youngest daughter Kylie Jenner’s 18th birthday. The couple filed for divorce last year after a lengthy marriage. This is the first and only photo Kylie has of her parents since her father became Caitlyn Jenner.

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Nederlander]