Michelle Rodriguez: Mouse Stewed In Urine Eaten By Actress On ‘Running Wild’

Michelle Rodriguez ate mouse soup with Bear Grylls on his show, Running Wild.

According to Mail Online, The Fast and Furious actress was told about mouse soup by Grylls, who acted jokingly surprised that she’d never tried any. While the idea of eating mouse soup may have been enough of a feat to overcome, Michelle Rodriguez, 37, was given even more bad news: The mouse would be stewed in urine… her own urine. Why? Because there wasn’t enough water to make enough soup for dinner.

“I can pee, but I can tell you, you don’t want any of my pee,” Grylls told Rodriguez. Moments later, the actress peed in a pot, and mouse stew was made. The hardest part came next.

Michelle Rodriguez bit into a mouse intestine with the most horrified, disgusted look on her face. There was retching. There was gagging. The whole thing was absolutely gross — but Rodriguez was a total champ.

“But it tastes like chicken… Urine has an ammonia thing going on and when you boil it…it doesn’t go away,” Rodriguez said. According to the Metro, Bear Grylls wasn’t a fan of the soup, either.

“I’ve finally found something that’s broken me,” he said.

Celebrities that join Bear Grylls in the great outdoors push themselves to their limits — which is really what the show is all about. It sort of takes these millionaires, and takes them out of their comfortable laps of luxury. Often, these A-listers face their fears, and get down and dirty, and fans really like to see the sort of dressed-down versions of their favorite celebs.

While Michelle Rodriguez ate mouse parts on the show, actress Kate Hudson was also forced to eat something gross. Ants. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Hudson was happy to push herself, and to try something new… even if eating ants was disgusting.

“I always like being pushed. And challenged. Sometimes, in life, that’s gotten me into trouble because I sometimes seek challenge. I like to feel like I’m working for something. Even when I’m working on movies, there’s a part of me that always likes days that are tough days,” Hudson said in an interview for the show.

Michelle Rodriguez’s mouse easily has Kate Hudson’s ant-eating by a mile on the “gross” scale, but both women at least tried their “meals,” which is really the point.

Did you watch Rodriguez on Running Wild With Bear Grylls? Would you ever eat mouse soup stewed in your own urine?

[Photo by Elisabetta Villa / Getty Images Entertainment]