Mom Asked To Leave Cafe After Toddler Acts Up, Facebook Review Goes Viral, Owner Denies Claims

A mom claims she was asked to leave a cafe after her toddler started crying. Now her Facebook review of the establishment has gone viral.

When Katie-Jane Morgan went to Marco’s Cafe in Wales to enjoy a day out with her daughter, she never imagined her experience would reach millions on the Internet. The mom claims Marco Cafe’s owner, Marco Zeraschi, asked her to leave when her child didn’t stop crying.

The cafe, in which patrons can sit outside to eat their meals, is on Barry Island and has a steady number of families visiting on any given day. Zeraschi says he was shocked to find out about claims Morgan was asked to leave, and denies her statements are true.

The mom claims she was asked to leave the cafe — which is family and pet friendly — because her daughter, Gracie-Jane, was crying, on an August 8 Facebook post.

“Mortified after being asked to leave a cafe in Barry today because Gracie-Jane was crying.

I had just bought a cup of tea, a bottle of pop, a cake and a glass of milk. I was there less than 10 minutes. She wasn’t in a full on tantrum just crying on my lap due to getting a bit over-heated, I was stopping for a drink on the way to the car.

Was approached by the manager and told to leave due to people complaining.”

Marco's cafe in Wales
Marco's cafe in Wales (Facebook)

On her review of the cafe, Morgan explained she has social anxiety and slams Zeraschi for the way she was allegedly asked to leave.

“Congratulations on completely humiliating a young single mother in public today, you made me feel the lowest of the low.

I struggle with social anxiety and busy places enough as it is, and find myself foolishly apologizing for the littlest upset or noise.”

According to Wales Online, Zeraschi says he did not ask the mom to leave his café, but requested her to calm her daughter.

“I had complaints from a few other customers about the baby’s crying so we had a one-to-one. Her post says she was here for less than 10 minutes but our CCTV (security camera) shows her here for 27 minutes.

I did not ask her to leave and I have got this all on CCTV. My staff will back me up too. It’s absolutely ridiculous. This has been completely blown out of all proportion – I am not a bad person whatsoever.”

Zeraschi insists he never asked the mom to leave his cafe and she didn’t react angrily to their conversation. “At the end of the day, I am responsible for my customers’ enjoyment of my cafe, but I don’t ask my customers to leave. I never have.”

Do restaurant owners have the right to ask a customer to leave if their child is disrupting others?

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