WWE News: ‘Arrow’ Star Stephen Amell Getting Huge Praise Backstage Over ‘WWE RAW’ Appearance

Arrow star Stephen Amell made a big appearance on WWE RAW last night from Washington. Amell is a Canadian actor who normally films his show in Canada, which works out well for him. Since WWE was only a state down, Amell took the chance to appear on WWE RAW. He also chose to attend WWE Live Events in Canada over the weekend just because he could.

Amell was invited to RAW last night simply to be a guest of WWE. He wanted to do some recon on his social media rival in Stardust. Of course, Stardust has also taken shots at Stephen Amell on WWE programming each and every week and got into his face when WWE was in New York a while back. Eventually, tempers had to boil over. After a match with Neville and Wade Barrett, Stardust entered the ring to attack Neville. After Neville was clearly on the ground, and Barrett was keeping him away, Stardust turned his attention to the front row where Stephen Amell just happened to be sitting.

Stardust went to the outside and pushed Amell back. Amell, angry about such an action, chose to literally hop into the ring and attack the WWE Superstar.

Of course, it is against the rules for anyone in the crowd not under WWE contract to jump the barrier and enter the ring. Obviously, most feel that Stardust deserved it. Triple H ended up scolding Stephen Amell as well as Neville backstage after the events. Stephen Amell and Neville ended up offering an idea to Triple H that the two of them would take on Bad News Barrett and Stardust at WWE SummerSlam in a few weeks.

Triple H initially didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want Amell getting hurt on his watch. However, Amell claimed he would sign anything WWE wanted him to. Triple H then agreed but said he was washing his hands of it all. He told Amell that he would send papers over, and they needed to be signed by 9:00 am Tuesday morning. That seems quite possible and although Stephen Amell has yet to comment on this after the fact, he is sure to go to his beloved Facebook page and tell the world more information.

His appearance on WWE RAW did not go unnoticed by WWE Superstars, Divas, and Legends. People such as Paige, Trish Stratus, and others commented on Twitter about Amell’s appearance. Fans have been talking Amell up massively, and he has trended across social media most of Monday night into this morning. WWE is said to be pretty happy about it and were really happy with Amell and what he was able to do both in the ring and for WWE.

Fans are hoping that Stephen Amell can wrestle a bit. Everyone who knows of Amell will tell you that he is a big pro-wrestling fan; especially of the WWE. Of course, that does not mean he can wrestle. It was a concern that Amell wouldn’t be able to wrestle at all, but it appears as if The CW and Warner Bros. are fine with it. WWE put him in a tag team match to take some pressure off of him, which was a smart move. Fans want to see him show up to SummerSlam wearing the Arrow suit, but who knows if WWE will be able to get him to do that.

[IMG Credit: WWE.com]